UniLodge Lincoln House has a variety of apartments for students to choose from.
No matter which type of apartment you decide to live in, all our rooms are modern, comfortable, and fitted with a range of inclusions (inclusions vary depending on room type).
If you’re not sure which apartment would best suit your budget or lifestyle, learn about each option below. If you have any questions about the rooms, feel free to visit our FAQs or contact us with any questions.

Blog Post - Best Australian Music to Study to

The Best Australian Music to Study to

We've put together a list of our top picks for the best Australian music to study to, guaranteed to get you focused and motivated - crank up the volume and let's get ready to hit the books!

Nutrition and Fitness Tips

Nutrition and Exercise Tips for Busy Students

Explore handy nutrition and exercise tips for busy uni students - you've got this!

Flovie Florist Cafe

Hidden Gems in Carlton: Flovie Florist Cafe

One of the more unique cafés near Unilodge Carlton, UniLodge Lincoln House and Student Living D1.


Renter rights and responsibilities | Your guide | UniLodge

When you’re renting it can be hard to know if there is an issue. Here is your guide.


Top 10 tips for students who are new to Melbourne

Have you just arrived in Melbourne? Or new to another state? Here are my top 10 tips for students who have just moved to a new state or country to study.

Best Bars to Rush to After COVID!

Best Bars to Rush to After COVID!

To save you from the awkward period of “what to do next?” after the restrictions are down, I have created a fun list of bars and drinks to seek out  once you have your newfound freedom!


How to make new friends – for the introvert!

Making new friends as an adult can be hard for anyone but being an introvert can make it 100x harder. As an introvert myself I have struggled to make new friends as an adult or being comfortable in social environments but it is important to remember that you are not alone and a lot of people in the room, are probably suffering in the same way as yourself!

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Hello from our Residential Advisor - Boineelo

Getting to know us series | Please meet Boineelo, Residential Advisor at UniLodge Lincoln House. We've asked her what attracted her to stay in Melbourne.

Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia coincides with summer. Discover the best things about spending Christmas in Australia with new festivties, food, beaches and fun in the sun!

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5 Most Beautiful Gardens In And Around The Melbourne CBD

The Central Business District of Melbourne is the heart of Melbourne city and as such has a lot of options for students and others to frolic around and have a good time.


The Best Psychology Universities In Melbourne

Psychology is a fascinating field of study that concerns itself with the science of the human mind. With 1 in 5 Australian adults suffering from some form of mental illness or stress, it’s never been more important to have highly trained, skilled psychologists in the workforce.


What it's like for a student living at UniLodge

Tingting Yang, a University of Melbourne student and a RA at UniLodge Lincoln House, wants to share her experiences of living and studying in Melbourne this year.


Be A Tourist – Without Leaving Your Room

Melbourne’s lockdown may still continue, but that’s no reason not to explore many of Melbourne’s greatest tourist attractions, albeit from the comfort of your own room! Climate control, snacks at your fingertips while you're in your room at UniLodge Lincoln House – things mightn’t be so bad after all.

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Living Through Lockdown - Tips from RLM at UniLodge Lincoln House

Annie, our Res Life Manager (RLM) at UniLodge Lincoln House has some tips for keeping our lives on track in difficult times.


The Cost of Living in Melbourne as a Student

Renowned for its culture and arts, Melbourne is one of Australia’s leading university cities. If you’re trying to determine the living cost in Melbourne for a student, we can help you create a realistic budget. 

Top Banks in Australia for International Students

Top Banks in Australia for International Students

One of the most important things to consider if you’re moving to Australia is the best student bank account. 


The Best Jobs for Uni Students

For most uni students, juggling study with a casual or part-time job is a necessity - but it can also have a positive impact on your life. 

Lincoln House - Tips from Res Life Manager

What To Do In Your First Week - Tips From Our Res Life Manager

Moving is always a big deal. Moving to a new city is even bigger. Moving to a new city when it’s also your first time out of home? A MASSIVE deal! That’s why moving to student accommodation can be a really great stepping stone...


Student Life in Melbourne

Are you planning to start your student life in Melbourne? We know you have strived hard towards your desired University in Melbourne. And now that you have finally made it to your destination, we know there must be an array of questions...