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Top 10 tips for students who are new to Melbourne

My name is Kate and I am the General Manager at UniLodge Lincoln House. If you are a student who has just arrived in Melbourne or are first time to another state, here are my top 10 tips for you who have just moved to a new state or country to study.

  1. Get involved with our Residential Life Program. You made the first correct choice by choosing to live at UniLodge. Our Res Life offers an interesting and balanced program of activities that ensures everyone has fun and has the opportunity to make new friends. From in-house pizza and movie nights to trips down the stunning Great Ocean Road and to the snowfields, there is something for everyone. Res Life is a super-easy way to make lifelong friends and meet people from all around the world.
  2. Don’t be afraid to vamp up your new room by injecting it with your own personal style. Your personal style is something that’s familiar to you, and it’s a familiarity that will make you feel comfortable in your new home. Take lots of photos of your loved ones to stick on your wall so they’re always around. Try and unpack as early as you can, so your space is as comfortable as it can be from the start.
  3. In your old city, did you have a restaurant, park, or store where you felt most comfortable? If you did, then chances are you’ll be the same way in your new city. Try to find that spot as soon as possible. It’s easier to identify with a city when you’re emotionally invested in it. Every UniLodge is strategically situated close to Unis, shops, public transport etc so don’t be scared to go for a walk around the block and find the local grocery store, convenience store, train or tram station etc. Remember, the reception staff are in place to help you and can often guide you to the best places within walking distance to your building.
  4. You’ll be taking a lot of new classes at the university and will have a tighter schedule between those, work or internships, clubs, and studying (not to mention socialising and making new friends). To maintain a good balance in your life, it’s best to come up with a day-to-day routine you can follow to keep track of everything and make the transition to Uni life a lot easier. Purchase a calendar or schedule book to ensure you keep on track of everything and make time to meet new people and socialise with your classmates.
  5. Soak in Orientation Week! O-Week offers social events, sporting activities, study and support programs to help familiarise students with their campus, help them meet people, and feel prepared for the year ahead. More importantly, it is about feeling connected and comfortable with your university and having fun! This may be the first week you make a new friend for life!
  6. Explore the local culture. Melbourne is an amazing city, with so much to offer. The city is known for its many colourful laneways, its cultural diversity, excellent dining options for all budgets, and amazing street art. It's also known for being the coffee capital of the world, and for being regularly voted as the world's most liveable city. So go and explore!! Read some of our other blogs on the UniLodge website to give you some fun ideas on what to do around the city.
  7. Check in with your family regularly. If this is your first time living in another state or country, your family will automatically worry about you (even if they don’t show or say it!). As soon as you arrive, call a family member to let them know that you are okay! Don’t forget to check in on them every now and then so they know you are safe, enjoying yourself, not partying too much and budgeting (oh and passing all of your assignments and exams!). Your family is what you are familiar with, so if you find yourself missing them or missing home, schedule Zoom calls or FaceTime them so they can show you all of the parts of home that you are missing.
  8. Set up an Australian Bank Account. This is extremely important to ensure you are able to efficiently pay for things whilst you are here without incurring international transfer fees or delays. There are many blogs on the UniLodge website about picking the best bank account and the reception staff can help you with this also!
  9. Utilise the common areas within your building – the best thing about student accommodation is the common areas and facilities they have to offer. Not only do they give you extra room to study but they are a great way to meet new friends. So when you feel lonely or want to enjoy some time out of your apartment but are not confident in leaving the building, head down to a common area and introduce yourself to the other residents who happen to be at the same time. Everyone is super friendly and they will more than likely be happy that you've introduced yourself as they were probably waiting for someone just like you to come along and say Hi!
  10. Finally – be yourself!! There is only 1 of you in this entire world, you are important, you are loved and you are ready to take on this world! The culture, clothing, food, language may be different and are something you are not used to, but never change yourself completely to “fit in”. If you like to wear fluoro socks with every outfit, but don’t see anyone else wearing them, so what?! Be yourself and be confident in being yourself, as this is what will attract the best kinds of people to you and you might just find people just like you!