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5 Most Beautiful Gardens In And Around The Melbourne CBD

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The Central Business District of Melbourne is the heart of Melbourne and as such has a lot of options for students and others to frolic around and have a good time. From busy lanes filled with cafes, pubs and eateries to beautiful sightseeing options like the Melbourne Star, Eureka Skydeck and the Yarra River. Similarly, this prime location is also scattered with beautiful parks and gardens where one can go for their daily exercise, unwind with a picnic or just have a relaxed, calming day out by themselves or with friends. 

Flagstaff Gardens - 309-311 Williams St., West Melbourne VIC 3003

The Flagstaff Gardens are steeped in Australian history as the grounds had served as a burial site for fallen soldiers. Today, the gardens are sporadically scattered with monuments that pay tribute to the same. The gardens are located in the city and are replete with lush green lawns where you will often see people picnicking and soaking up the sun on a nice sunny day. It also serves as a convenient and beautiful location for city-dwellers to bust out their daily exercise regimen. Take a stroll in the evening for a chance to witness native Australian possums coming out of their slumber (and trees) and starting their day!

How to get here: A quick 7-minute walk from UniLodge on A’Beckett, head out towards 309-311 Williams St., West Melbourne VIC 3003.

Parliament Gardens - 489/531 Albert St, East Melbourne VIC 3002

The Parliament Gardens are located right opposite the beautiful Princess Theater on Spring St. The garden’s aesthetically pleasing cascading water feature, the Coles Fountain, attracts a lot of people as it makes for a visually rare and appealing photographic opportunity, along with providing a cool respite in the warmer summer months. Walkthrough the luscious green lawns which provide great views of the Parliament House, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Eastern Hill. The gardens also host a bronze memorial to Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls and Lady Gladys Nicholls, two of Australia’s most prominent Indigenous leaders and traditional owners. Come here to enjoy a nice day out, take beautiful photographs and to unwind and relax.

How to get here: If you are leaving from UniLodge on A’Beckett, catch the 12 St Kilda (Fitzroy St) to Victoria Gardens tram from the intersection of Elizabeth and La Trobe St. Ride 5 stops and get off at Stop 10 (Nicholson St) and walk for 200 meters (2 minutes).

Carlton Gardens - 1-111 Carlton St, Carlton VIC 3053

The Carlton Gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are a true Melburnian and Victorian gem. The gardens are home to the majestic Royal Exhibition Building and were built in the 1880s for Melbourne’s International Exhibition. The gardens host spectacular natural views with beautiful tree-lined avenues, ornate flower beds and miniature lakes. They are also home to native wildlife such as brushtail possums. Visit the Carlton Gardens to get immersed in some late 19th-century history and architecture.

How to get here: Take tram 12 heading to Victoria Gardens from Elizabeth/La Trobe St. Ride 4 stops and get off at Victoria/La Trobe St. Walk 60 meters and enter the Carlton Gardens.

Queen Victoria Gardens - St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

The Queen Victoria Gardens host numerous visually elegant fixations which results in flocks of people visiting this site for various reasons. Come here to admire the beautiful and ingenious floral clock; a clock made out of 7000 strategically placed flowering and plant beds in front of the King Edward VII memorial. The lush, manicured lawns and meticulously arranged flower beds provide for a pleasant viewing while you’re on your afternoon or evening stroll. The gardens also host a number of artwork by famous artists such as Paul Montford and Theodore Fink.

How to get here: Heading out from UniLodge on A’Beckett? Take tram 57 towards Flinders Street Station (City) from Melbourne Central Station – Stop 5 and ride 3 stops, getting off at Flinders Street Station – Stop 1 and walk 1 kilometre towards Queen Victoria Gardens.

Fitzroy Gardens - Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002

The Fitzroy Gardens lie just under 2 kilometres from the city and is considered to be one of the main gardens in Melbourne. The gardens host an array of Victorian-era historic fixtures such as the cottage of Captain Cook, a miniature Tudor village, the Scarred tree and various other sculptures. Take a walk around the gardens to view a diverse range of beautifully arranged flora and make a stop at the Spanish-style Conservatory with its own collection of plants and flowers. The Fitzroy Gardens span across a magnificent 64 acres, thus inviting you to take some time on hand and explore its vast beauty. Come here to get some exercise by taking a jog through the paths laid out in the gardens or for a relaxing day of exploration and relaxation.

How to get here: Take tram 12 towards Victoria Gardens and ride 8 stops, getting off at Smith St on Victoria Parade. Walk 260 meters and enter the Fitzroy Gardens.