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Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia

Curious about Christmas in Australia? In sharp contrast to the Northern Hemisphere, Australian Christmases coincide with the summer holidays. Many of the country’s European-inspired traditions have been altered to suit the sunny climate, resulting in a range of unique customs. With beaches and BBQs in place of snow and fireplaces, Aussie Christmases offer the ultimate change of scenery for travellers. 

If you’re planning to spend the festive season downunder, this guide from UniLodge will help you make the most of Christmas in Australia. 

Since Christmas is synonymous with summer in Australia, many of the country’s festive traditions take place outdoors. Beach BBQs are a big part of Christmas, along with cricket and surfing. If you’re not the most athletic person, indulge in the popular pastime of lazing by the pool. 
Carols by candlelight is one of the most beloved Christmas traditions in Australia, where people gather outdoors to sing Christmas songs. Most major cities and towns across Australia hold carols by candlelight events throughout December, giving travellers a chance to experience Aussie Christmas culture.  

Australia has adopted a unique take on classic Christmas fare to cater for the country’s warmer temperatures. When it comes to Christmas lunch and dinner, most people serve up dishes like glazed ham and roast turkey alongside summer-friendly options like prawns and cold cuts of meat. 

Instead of mulled wine, it’s commonplace for Aussies to enjoy a few cold beers with their Christmas meal. Christmas pudding is a must-have for Christmas lunches and dinners, alongside other favourites like pavlova and mince pies. 

Lunch is usually the main culinary event of Christmas, although some people prefer to wait until the cooler evening hours to sit down to eat. Don’t be surprised if your Christmas meal has a slightly less formal atmosphere than what you’re used to. Australians are known for their casual way of doing things and getting dressed up for Christmas lunch isn’t easy when it’s hot outside.  

From budget-friendly backpackers to luxury hotels, Australia has countless accommodation options for travellers to choose from. You could stay in the heart of a big city like Sydney or Melbourne and enjoy being swept up in the busy festive season buzz, or head to the beach for a relaxing Christmas by the sea. 

If you’re looking for an affordable but comfortable place to stay, consider renting out student accommodation. Universities in Australia wind down over Christmas for the long summer break and most students head home to spend time with their families.