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Best Bars to Rush to After COVID!

Best Bars to Rush to After COVID!

My name is Eleanor and as a local in my prime (23 years old), I have tried my fair share of bars and clubs across way too many late nights out on the town #noregrets. To save you from the awkward period of “what to do next?” after the restrictions are down, I have created a fun list of bars and drinks to seek out once you have your newfound freedom!

Most often I get either a GNT or red wine but to keep it interesting, I will let you know my personal favourite cocktails from each place so you can have a list of flavours to try on your next night out!

Let’s take it to the river!

Around the Yarra and looking for a good beveragino?

Arbory Afloat

Spring/Summer is on its way, so what better way to spend the warm days on a boat going nowhere whilst sipping on some drinks and eating waffle fries in a fantastic atmosphere! Looking out to the water and feeling the warm breeze sets a summery mood to an outing.

My favourites: Pina Colada, Watermelon Sangria

Ponyfish Island

You don’t have to be a troll to enjoy this character-filled bar located under a bridge! This little island is a great spot to share a drink, as the atmosphere is very relaxed & you have the opportunity to stare out to the pretty city lights.

My favourite: Pistachio Fairy Floss Cocktail (the menu changes seasonally)


In The Heart of Melbourne

Around Melbourne Central? Then head to these gems close by!

Section 8

An iconic container bar located in a carpark, this place presents an experience of street vibes, cool DJ sets, and fun themes (voodoo, beach day, etc). Once it gets dark, the bar turns into a nightclub showcasing cool light shows and a dance floor.

My favourites: I can’t decide what my favourite – let me know what yours is!

Rooftop Bar

If you’re drinking in Melbourne, you must go to a rooftop bar! There’s plenty to pick from in the city but this is one of the most iconic. Rooftop bars are perfect on a warm summer’s night or if you’re doing a day drink with a friend. Located in Curtin House, this place has a casual atmosphere and is very relaxed. They also do open cinema nights and are known for their burgers!

My favourites: Ladies Who Lychee, Long Island Iced Tea (This drink is sure to get your night started)


Thirsty for a Butter Beer? Step into a fairy tale with fun theme nights and fantasy-related drinks! This place experiments with a variety of stories to create fun cocktails.

My favourites: Just look at these cocktails, how could I possibly pick just one?!



I could write for ages if I didn’t have a word limit, but I hope this helped to give some insight into fun places to go to in Melbourne once restrictions are down. Everyone has their own taste so please feel free to write your own blog offering cool bars or clubs you would highly recommend for others!

If you are looking for more places to go to, feel free to ask me at reception or send me an email, I am more than happy to be your personal directory of alcoholic joints. Look forward to reading your blogs soon!


Important Note: We all like to have a good time. But having a good time often comes down to making good decisions. There are many moments in life that are acknowledged or celebrated with a drink or two – and when consumed in moderation, alcohol can be part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Please be careful, look after your friends and know your limits. To find out more information on Responsible Drinking, please visit the Health Department website.