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What To Do In Your First Week - Tips From Our Res Life Manager

Lincoln House - Tips from Res Life Manager

First week tips

Moving is always a big deal.

Moving to a new city is even bigger.

Moving to a new city when it’s also your first time out of home? A MASSIVE deal

That’s why moving to student accommodation can be a really great stepping stone, before you move out completely by yourself.

To help you settle in, we've spoken to Annie, our Residential Life Manager at UniLodge Lincoln House to give us some tips. Here are some of the things that you should do in your first week when you arrive at Lincoln House:

  • Come and have a chat with our Reception staff – if you’ve arrived after a long day of travelling, you may not feel like a chat when you first get here, so make sure you leave some time to have a chat when you’re dropping off your final bits of paperwork a couple of days later. We want to get to know you!
  • Make sure you’ve signed up to the UniLodge App, and start registering for events. This is the fastest way to get to know other people. Come along to one of our induction evenings if you arrive during the arrivals period, or we’ll set up a time to catch up with our Residential Advisors if you arrive at another time.
  • Attend some events! It can be a bit intimidating, but everyone here knows what it’s like to be coming along to an event for the first time, so we’ll help you out.
  • If you arrive during arrivals week, we’ll have a few walking tours running. Make sure you sign up for one of these, as it’s a great opportunity to get to know the local area. Most of them are also run by me – and I want to get to know you too!
  • Make sure the Residential Advisor duty phone number is in your phone. You never know when you might accidentally lock yourself out of your room…
  • Check out our incredible kitchen! It’s easy to get into a habit of buying takeaway, but it’s so much cheaper and healthier to make your own food. We’ve got gas stoves, ovens, and more – we often run cooking classes too.
  • Remember to check your mailbox! We receive parcels and letters at Reception for you, but you do need to come and collect them (another excuse for a chat with us!)
  • Do some life admin. Bank account, updating yourself on the electoral roll (if eligible), know where the University Health Service is, collect your university student card, make sure your grandparents know your postal address so that they can send you a letter. Get it done soon, and it’ll make your life easier later.

We can’t wait to have you join us at UniLodge Lincoln House!