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Be A Tourist – Without Leaving Your Room


Melbourne’s lockdown may still continue, but that’s no reason not to explore many of Melbourne’s greatest tourist attractions, albeit from the comfort of your own room! Climate control, snacks at your fingertips while you're in your room at UniLodge Lincoln House – things mightn’t be so bad after all.

Melbourne Zoo: One of the greatest of Melbourne institutions, the three Melbourne Zoos give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with animals from all over the world. There are tours available online for each of the Zoos – Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo (both a safari and walking tour option!), and Healesville Sanctuary. Scrunch up some eucalyptus leaves and play some animal noises to really feel like you’re there.

Old Melbourne Gaol: While you probably won’t be meeting any ghosts on this particular outing to the Old Melbourne Gaol, as the site of more than 130 hangings prior to its closure in 1929, the Old Melbourne Gaol has quite the reputation. Learn more about some of its most famous inhabitants, including Ned Kelly, and take a glimpse into a different time.

Melbourne Museum: The best way to learn about Melbourne? Our incredible museum of course! You can visit many of Melbourne Museum’s most popular exhibits, from dinosaurs and forests to a journey through ‘Old Melbourne Town’ and the First Peoples galleries. Embrace your Melbourne pride here.

National Gallery of Victoria: Been missing getting up close and personal with a bit of art? The NGV is Melbourne’s home of the visual arts, with artworks from the world over. If you’re looking for something to do, challenge your friends to count all the works of art on display in the Salon – the curator in charge of filling those walls has done a pretty impressive job!

Melbourne Theatre Company: If the performing arts are more your thing, the MTC’s backstage tours are a great bit of insight into what goes into putting on a play. The MTC is actually a department of the University of Melbourne, and while it had to cancel its 2020 season, there are some fantastic deals for students in a normal year. So get to know the back of the house this year, and get ready to get your hands on tickets for next year!

Melbourne Aquarium: ‘Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea’ – if floating away is up on high on your to-do list, check out the Virtual Aquarium – live streams to take you to a whole other world!

Royal Botanic Gardens: While this stunning garden is within our 5km zone, it’s a struggle to get there and back within an hour for our daily exercise. If you really want to take your time exploring, the best way for the moment is to check out the garden virtually.

The lockdown won’t last forever – so take it as an opportunity to get to know the places you really want to visit, and make the most of them when we do eventually make it back!