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Hello from our Residential Advisor - Boineelo

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Getting to know us series

Please meet Boineelo, Residential Advisor at UniLodge Lincoln House. We've asked her what attracted her to stay in Melbourne.

What Attracted You To Melbourne?

One word. “Everything”!

As a student fresh from high school looking to study abroad with a guaranteed unforgettable experience, choosing to study in Melbourne was the best decision I could have made. The city is best known for its world-class universities, diversity, unbeatable lifestyle and great food. What’s not inviting about that? If you’re an international student worried about leaving home to stay alone for the first time, allow me to put your mind at ease.

The University I Chose & Feeling Safe

I chose to study at the University of Melbourne because of its amazing research facilities and diverse cohort of international students, which is very important to me as an international student. What amazed me when I first arrived is how close the university is to almost everything I needed. I live in proximity to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, University clinics, Police Stations and Fire departments so I always feel secure and assured about my safety and wellbeing. Near the Parkville campus, there’s also a lot of parks and great hangout spots where I meet up with friends/classmates after a long day. Most student accommodations around Melbourne are very safe and some cater to under 18’s by creating rules and regulations that make living together a fun experience for everyone, no matter how young/old you are. These are highly recommended by their respective universities as they provide an amazing residential life, great security and friendly staff.

Great Places I’ve Been To

Beforehand, I was aware that Melbourne was known to be a beautiful city with plenty to see and I was determined to travel as much as I could. I’ve gotten a chance to visit a lot of different places and my favourite so far has been Lorne Beach just outside the city. A few of my friends and I have also been on the Melbourne Star, The Royal Botanic Gardens, National Gallery of Victoria, St Kilda beach and many more places around the city.

Local and International Cuisine

Since living in Melbourne, one thing I’m always looking forward to is trying new food because the ample choices allow me to. There’s a large range of cuisines and prices catered to everyone. It’s almost overwhelming in the best way possible. I’ve gotten around to trying veggie dumplings, loaded nachos, kinds of pasta I’d never even heard of before, bubble tea (I would strongly recommend trying, people in the city are completely in love with it) and my personal favourite, coffee. This city has some of the best coffee I’ve tried to date. You can get it anywhere really; most convenient stores, shopping malls and local cafes on your street. One is really spoiled for choice and a lot of the restaurants are open till late, which a lot of people who enjoy the nightlife would greatly appreciate.

The Convenient Transport System

For me, getting around a city has never been easier than when using the transport system of trams, trains and buses which are available for most hours of the day. It’s extremely affordable and not limited to a short-range. I don’t drive yet but I have friends studying at another university in Clayton that I can easily catch up with them in less than an hour if I use the train. Really, I can get around the city as much as I’d like as long as I have my MyKi card with me.

The People

A lot of people are very friendly and open, even on the move, many people are always up for a small chat. It’s also not a secret that Melbourne has some of the most expressive and fashionable people and I do see that the more I travel outside of Parkville to visit Brunswick, Fitzroy and many more places I’m yet to go to. You can trust that you’re for sure to learn a thing or two about how you could express yourself as much as you’d like through watching and interacting with the people here.

Currently in Melbourne

I’m grateful that I had the chance to meet many people who’ve all inspired me in their own different ways. I also got to learn a lot that I didn’t know about the culture of Melbourne’s residents. After living here for almost two years, I can confidently say that I can’t imagine myself studying anywhere else in the world. Truly, Melbourne is everything that it claims to be. It’s a vibrant city with a special kind of beauty. It has been quite the experience living here and it's definitely an unforgettable one!

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