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The Bachelor Effect

The Bachelor Matt Agnew. Photo credit

In a shocking turn of events, the 2019 season of The Bachelor’s greatest achievement may not be matrimonial bliss. Thanks to bachie Matt Agnew’s somewhat obscure profession, record interest in astrophysics could be this season’s real lasting legacy.  

A quick glance at Google search trends reveals his job has baffled audiences, causing many people to turn to Google in search of answers. The term “astrophysicist” jumped from under 500 searches in June to almost 3000 searches in late July, while “astrophysicist salary” and “astrophysicist jobs” went from having zero searches to around 100 in the same period. 

The-Bachelor-Effect, brought to you by UniLodge

The-Bachelor-Effect, brought to you by UniLodge

So, what does an astrophysicist actually do for a living? Broadly speaking, astrophysics is a branch of space science that applies the laws of physics and chemistry. Matt specialises in planetary research and his resumé includes a double degree in science and engineering, in addition to a Masters of Astrophysics. This impressive list of qualifications makes him one of the most well-educated bachelors to ever go looking for love on national TV. 

Compared to other bachelors, Matt’s profession may be the most mysterious in the show’s history. Blake Garvey was billed as a real estate agent (although he later turned out to be the owner of a male entertainment company), Tim Robards was a chiropractor, Sam Woods was a personal trainer and Matty Johnson worked in marketing. 

The-Bachelor-Effect, brought to you by UniLodge

The-Bachelor-Effect, brought to you by UniLodge

Only Richie Strahan (who worked as a rope access technician) could give Matt a run for his money when it comes to vague job titles. During Richie’s reign as bachelor in 2016, there was a spike in searches related to rope access technicians. For the record, this line of work requires individuals to be suspended from harnesses as they descend, ascend, and traverse rope systems to gain access to work areas. 

Whether Matt turns out to be as good with the ladies as he is with planetary systems remains to be seen. Tune in to The Bachelor on Network 10 to find out

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