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Perth Student Accommodation near Curtin University

Perth Student Accommodation

UniLodge at Curtin University is located to the south of Perth in the suburb of Bentley.  Right in the heart of the student social scene with four different properties to choose from, there are plenty of options to consider focusing on the opportunity to make new friends and be close to academic support.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: Kings Park is one of the world’s largest inner city parks – bigger than New York’s Central Park – and it’s right in the heart of Perth! Perth sits on the bank of the Swan River which flows from the Darling Range foothills all the way to Fremantle. Perth is spoilt with great weather, with 265 days a year of sunshine a year with plentiful beaches, parklands and world-class wineries. Its is a mecha for outdoor enthusiasts and being on the same time zone as Singapore, its a very popular destination for international students from Asian locations.

To explore some of the student accommodation options available at Curtin University, please click on the links below.

Guild House

Across the road from Curtin University's Perth Campus on the corner of Kent Street and Jackson Road is Guild house. It offers a couple of furnished housing options including single rooms in 36 - six-bedroom flats and accommodation for eight couples. You can apply to stay at Guild House by clicking here and choosing your stay dates. 

Erica Underwood House

Close to the area's main shopping centre, Erica Underwood House accommodates over 300 students in a relaxed environment. This accommodation provides fifty-four fully furnished 6 bedroom units which also have a couple of bathrooms, desk and chair for studying, lounge and dining table with an open plan kitchen. You can apply for Erica Underwood House here.

Vickery House

Vickery House is comprised of 42 single-storey 6 and 8 bedroom furnished flats to the south-east of Curtin University. Set in and around beautiful gardens, it’s a short walk to the local shopping centre and has good public transport. You can apply for Vickery House here.

Kurrajong Village 

Located on Curtin University's Perth Campus at Kyle St, Bentley. It is comprised of four different houses with their own unique character. You can apply for accommodation at Japan House, Don Watts House, Rotary International House or George James House.