Residential Life Program

At Royal Melbourne, there’s no reason to be bored. With 4-5 events every week, you can get to know your fellow residents, learn to cook, dance, play music, and learn more about Melbourne and Australia.

Our events make the most of our music room, communal kitchen, PlayStation, various games, and courtyard, meaning that everyone can find something that they enjoy. Favourites amongst students include our weekly Hangout Hour, where we cook something different every Tuesday afternoon; pool and foosball tournaments; and dance and music classes run by our Residential Advisors; and BBQs to get us all out together.

There’s no need to worry here about whether you’ll meet people or what you’ll do when you’re not studying: everything here is right on your doorstep.

Resident's Say

UniLodge has been a great place to live at mainly because the staff personally took the time to know who I am. They always greet me and often stop and have a conversation with me as well. It is nice to know the staff are here to take care of me and accommodate me so that my stay here is comfortable. It’s easy to call UniLodge “home”.



Event Wall - Check out the good times in our community