Student Accommodation FAQ

UniLodge Auckland City
Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about living at UniLodge Auckland City? Find out everything you need to know about our student accommodation by checking out our most frequently asked questions. Whether you’re unsure about moving logistics, living costs, leases, or another aspect about of living in UniLodge student apartments, these questions include all the essential information you’ll need before moving in. If you have a question that you don't see answered, check in our blog or feel free to contact us directly.

How do I reserve a room at UniLodge Auckland City?

In order to apply for a place at UniLodge Auckland City, click on the APPLY NOW button and follow the prompts. We will return a letter of offer to you within 1 business day. 

How do I confirm my place?

You can pay your deposit and confirm by emailing

What if I need to make a change to my booking?

Please email us at

What types of apartments can I choose from?

At UniLodge Auckland City we have Standard Studio and Premium Studio apartment options.

What does my residential fee include?

Rental fees include reasonable use of all electricity, heating, gas and water charges.

What items will I need to bring or buy before I move in that are not in the apartment or not available to buy?

You will need to bring with you:

  • Basic bedding
  • Cleaning products
  • Personal belongings

Can I have meals included with my accommodation?

UniLodge Auckland City does not offer meal plans.

Is housekeeping provided?

Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. We have a vacuum cleaner that can be borrowed from the customer service desk.

Where do I do my laundry?

User-pays laundry available with washers, dryers and ironing facilities

What happens when I arrive at UniLodge Auckland City?

Prior to moving in at UniLodge Auckland City please communicate with us via email on letting us know when you will arrive, please make sure to include a date and time of arrival. We also recommend including your flight details if you are an International Student flying into New Zealand. When you arrive at UniLodge Auckland City, please come to the customer service desk located at 5 Whitaker Place, Grafton Auckland 1010 and we will check you in, give you the necessary paperwork to complete and show you to your room. If you are arriving after hours or on the weekend, you will need use the afterhours/emergency phone on 027 248 8122 and the duty Residential Advisor will meet you and check you in.

What do I need to bring when I arrive?

Along with your usual luggage and personal belongings, please remember to bring your passport with you, any other required paperwork with you.

What will be given to me when I arrive?

When you arrive, we will give you a swipe key tag for your room.

What do I need to pay before or on arrival?

Your offer letter will advise you of all required payments and optional items.

Where can I find resources to manage my health and wellbeing?

UniLodge has listed a number of resources on our Student Health and Wellbeing page.

What is the property complaint process?

UniLodge aims to resolve resident complaints in a transparent and fair manner. With respect to our privacy policy UniLodge will disclose to the complainant any requested information or documentation required to fully address the complaint.

Our objective in providing a complaints process is to allow our residents to air their grievances in a constructive manner with a focus on reaching a mutually acceptable solution. Where a mutually acceptable solution cannot be reached, UniLodge may refer to the resident handbook or to your Residential Agreement in response to your grievance.

UniLodge aims to reach resolution of the complaint in a reasonable time frame, with a focus on minimising any ongoing impact to the resident engaging in the complaints process.

  • Step 1: Contact a member of the UniLodge team. Explain your grievance and your desired outcome.
    • Staff will respond to your complaint within five business days and may request to meet with the complainant as part of reaching a solution.
    • (Not resolved?)
  • Step 2: Contact the General Manager Portfolio via email and submit the details of your complaint in writing. The General Manager Portfolio will request a meeting to discuss the matter further.
    • (Not resolved?)
  • Step 3: Should you be unhappy with the outcome from your complaint you can escalate it to the Area General Manager - New Zealand to discuss your concerns and your options (phone number 09 973 5300).
  • Step 4: Should your concerns not be resolved by these internal grievance procedures; you can then pursue an external complaint through Tenancy Services - 0800 836 262 (0800 TENANCY).

Who do I contact if I require assistance after-hours?

Please call our Duty Manager on 027 247 8277 for assistance outside reception opening hours.

What are your check-in times and days?

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We have a Duty Resident Advisor that can assist you with your check-in process.

Do you offer after hours check-in?

Yes, we do offer after hours check-in. You can do so by calling our Resident Advisor phone number +64275362535.

What is the process for arranging an after hours check-in?

Please let us know in writing via email at what time you will be arriving. When you arrive, please ring +64 27 536 2535 for after hours access.

Further Resident Information

The Resident Handbook is designed to help you to get to know the building and familiarise yourself with your rights and responsibilities as a resident. We hope that this Handbook will prove useful to you in answering any questions you have, and in assisting you with the most common concerns that you may have.