Got questions about living at Kirkwood? Find out everything you need to know about our student accommodation by checking out our most frequently asked questions. Whether you’re unsure about moving logistics, living costs, leases, or another aspect about of living in UniLodge student apartments, these questions include all the essential information you’ll need before moving in. If you have a question that you don't see answered, feel free to contact us directly.

Where can I find more information about accommodation?

All our student accommodation located in Christchurch can be found here.

UniLodge Vision, Mission and Values

Please view our Vision, Mission and Values click here.

What is the distance to the nearest supermarket?

It’s just a 10 minute walk in either direction to a supermarket! Pak ‘n’ Save is located at Westfield Shopping Mall, and Countdown is located at Bush Inn mall, where there is also a number of other eateries.

What is the distance to the bus stop?

There are multiple bus stops located on Riccarton Road and also on Ilam Road depending on where you are heading. For more information on the Christchurch bus system, please enquire at the office.

What is the distance to the University?

We are no more than 100m from the entrance to the University on Kirkwood Avenue. A walk to lectures in the morning should take no more than 10 minutes!

Where can I park?

There are a limited number of on-site carparks.  If demand exceeds supply a ballot for carparks will be drawn.  Those who are unsuccessful will be able to purchase a UC carpark permit, which will allow parking at any UC site, the most convenient being the car park located on Kirkwood Avenue outside the Rec Centre.

Can two people live in ONE room?

No, all rooms are single occupancy.

Is smoking allowed?

No smoking is allowed on-site. UC is also a smoke free campus.

Is there a curfew?

No, but we do practice quiet hours. Quiet hours are from 10pm – 7am every evening.

Is my room secure?

Yes, you will be allocated an individual front door card, and a private bedroom door key. For security purposes, we recommend you keep your room door locked at all times when you are absent from your room. In addition, to comply with fire regulations, you should not leave your room door propped open as a bedroom is a fire cell.

Is the property secure?

Yes, UC security patrols throughout the night. There are four Residential Assistants (RA’s) on site, and we also have a live-in Duty Manager who will respond to after-hours emergency calls. Support is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. You could also talk to your insurance provider about recommendations for insuring your personal belongings.

What kind of heating will I have?

There are individual heaters in all rooms. Due to the position of the heater in your room, it is not permitted to hang your clothes above or on the heater.

Does someone clean?

We have a great housekeeping team who clean all common spaces regularly. It’s up to each resident to keep their room clean. The housekeeping team WILL NOT be cleaning dishes or cooking utensils. This is your responsibility and if dishes are not kept clean you might lose them! (You will need to provide your own dishwashing liquid.)  If you have an en-suite it is your responsibility to keep this clean and provide your own cleaning equipment. We will be doing spot checks on these for your own health and safety. We offer a cleaning service of your room that will be at an extra cost to you, but you can book these in as frequently as you like.

Are meals available?

Kirkwood Avenue Hall is a self-catered facility and we have endeavored to provide you with all of your cooking needs! If you don’t quite think you’re ready to be on Masterchef, then we do offer meal plans at Uni Hall (a 10-15 minute walk). Instructions on purchasing meals will be provided to you.

How do I store my kitchen items?

We have locker facilities available in the Dining Hall. There is the option to put a padlock on your locker for security. There are individual storage lockers assigned to each resident for use in the communal fridge. Freezer facilities are also available.

What are the kitchen facilities like?

We provide all the necessary kitchen appliances (microwaves, toasters, stove top, etc) and utensils. Small bench top ovens are also available for your use.

Is there a place to lock my bicycle?

Yes, bike storage is available in a secure bike shed.  We also strongly recommend that you use a D-lock to secure your bike.

How do I do my washing?

There is a laundry located within the building with two washing machines and two dryers.  Usage of these is free (you just need to provide your own soap powder) Clothes airers will not be permitted in hallways, and if you put these in common areas then we take no accountability for your items. Drying lines have also been installed at the rear of the building beside the bike shed.

What kind of quiet areas do you have?

We have several areas within the hall which are quiet areas, including the Sun Room and the Café, and three designated study spaces.

What is included in the price?

Power, furniture (bed, desk, chair, wardrobe), pastoral support, and events that follow the Live, Learn, Grow program.  Each room also has a wash-basin. 

Can we have guests?

Any guests or visitors that you have onsite must be signed in at the office. If you wish to have someone stay the night then they need to obtain a guest pass. Due to resourcing consent we will only be allowed to have a small amount of guests stay with us. No guests will be allowed during the first two weeks from Move In – this is for your safety and for the safety of the Village. You are allowed visitors during the day, however they become your responsibility and no one else should be letting them in to the building. During Study and Exam break, there is a complete Guest and Alcohol Ban to eliminate distractions and allow you to be at your best.


How can I decorate my room?

Your room is your own space! However it is absolutely NOT PERMITTED to use pins on walls or make alterations to any of the surfaces in your room. You are more than welcome however to use blue tack, or sticky hooks to attach anything to the wall.  Unless there are medical grounds and you have prior management approval, you are not permitted to have a fridge, freezer, microwave or cooking appliances in your room.

What are your check-in times and days?

Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm.

Do you offer after hours check-in?

Yes, by prior arrangement - please call our after hours on-site staff on 0508 864 425 or send us an email.

What is the process for arranging an after hours check-in?

Please ensure that you have emailed us at least one business day before your arrival so that we can prepare in advance. Once you have arrived, please call the on-duty phone number advertised on the exterior door of the front entrance.

Further Resident Information

The Resident Handbook is designed to help you to get to know the building and familiarise yourself with your rights and responsibilities as a resident. We hope that this Handbook will prove useful to you in answering any questions you have, and in assisting you with the most common concerns that you may have.