Got questions about living at Hayashi? Find out everything you need to know about our student accommodation by checking out our most frequently asked questions. Whether you’re unsure about moving logistics, living costs, leases, or another aspect about of living in UniLodge student apartments, these questions include all the essential information you’ll need before moving in. If you have a question that you don't see answered, feel free to contact us directly.

Where can I find more information about accommodation?

All our student accommodation located in Christchurch can be found here.

UniLodge Vision, Mission and Values

Please view our Vision, Mission and Values click here.

What is the distance to the University of Canterbury main campus?

It is a short (10-15 minute) walk to the main campus on Ilam Road, or quicker if you want to bike.

What is the distance to the bus stop?

Approximately 350 metres away, on Waimairi Road (near Athol Terrace).  This is the line for the Orbiter bus which circles Christchurch and will take you to the local malls and beyond.

How long does it take to get to town?

It’s about 10-15 minutes by car or 30 minutes by bus

What is the configuration of Hayashi?

Hayashi offers 16 two-storey townhouses and 10 self-contained studio units.  There are a variety of accommodation options within each building.  Hayashi was first occupied at the beginning of 2018 and is a self-catered hall of residence for students in their second year of study and onwards.

Can two people live in one room?

The studio unit and double en-suite room can be used by couples.  All other rooms are single occupancy.

Can you bring your own bed?

Generally no, but there may be some exceptions.

Are pets allowed?

No - sorry.

Is smoking allowed?

No smoking is allowed on-site.  UC is a smoke-free campus.

Is insurance required for my personal belongings?

Yes, talk to your insurance provider for recommendations.

Do I need to bring appliances?

A microwave, kettle, toaster, iron, ironing board, and vacuum cleaner are all provided.   Each house also has an oven, fridge/freezer, microwave, dishwasher, washer & dryer, as well as crockery, cutlery and basic cooking utensils, and a mop, brush and shovel.

Can I choose my flat-mates?

We will endeavour to accommodate flat-mate requests.

Can I get to know my flat-mates before move in?

Unfortunately for privacy issues we are unable to give out personal details to other residents.  However, if you join the closed Waimairi Facebook page you will be able to contact other residents prior to moving in.

Does someone clean?

Yes!  Common spaces are cleaned on a fortnightly basis.  It’s up to each resident to keep their room clean, empty all rubbish bins, and clean common areas between services.

Is there car-parking?

There is no on-site parking at Hayashi.  Residents are able to purchase parking permits from UC Security, which allows parking in any UC parking areas.

When am I able to move in?

Arrival dates will be confirmed in your contract – early arrivals can be secured, but are subject to availability.

Is there a place to lock my bicycle?

Yes, there are bike racks outside each house.  We strongly recommend that you purchase a D-lock to keep your bike secure.

What are the upfront costs?

$300 bond, $300 administration fee, $200 Residents Association fee (which pays for all the social events and academic programmes Waimairi Village runs for its residents).

What is included in the price?

Power, bedroom, dining and lounge furniture.  If you are a UC resident internet is provided as part of your UC quota. 

What’s in my room?

Each room has a bookshelf, wardrobe, heater, desk and chair.  King single rooms have a king single bed.  Double rooms have a double bed.  The studio unit has a double bed.


What are your check-in times and days?

Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm.

Do you offer after hours check-in?

Yes, by prior arrangement - please call our after hours on-site staff on 0508 864 425 or send us an email.

What is the process for arranging an after hours check-in?

Please ensure that you have emailed us at least one business day before your arrival so that we can prepare in advance. Once you have arrived, please call the on-duty phone number advertised on the exterior door of the front entrance.

Further Resident Information

The Resident Handbook is designed to help you to get to know the building and familiarise yourself with your rights and responsibilities as a resident. We hope that this Handbook will prove useful to you in answering any questions you have, and in assisting you with the most common concerns that you may have.