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With its big-city culture and country-town charm, Brisbane offers the best of both worlds. Students from all over the world are drawn to its world-class tertiary institutions, beautiful weather, fun festivals and friendly vibe.

Explore your University of Queensland student accommodation options and find a place to call home in Brisbane.

How to Choose the Right UQ Accommodation

There’s plenty of accommodation near the University of Queensland, but not all the available options will suit your particular needs. The key to enjoying your student years is to choose housing based on the sort of experience you’re seeking.

Things to Consider

  • Location – Do you want to stay as close as possible to the UQ campus in Saint Lucia, or would you like to explore other areas of Brisbane?
  • Social opportunities – It’s important to strike a balance between making new friends and finding time for study.
  • Budget – Finding an affordable place to rent will help you make the most of your budget while you study.

Every type of UQ student accommodation comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Share Housing

  • Pros – Cheap rent, shared bills, autonomy
  • Cons – Mess, noise, overcrowding

Pros and Cons of On-Campus Accommodation

  • Pros – Social events, academic support, close to classes
  • Cons – Lack of independence, noise, reduced privacy

Pros and Cons of Homestay

  • Pros – Support from host family, peaceful living conditions
  • Cons – Isolation from other students, distance to university

Pros and Cons of Student Apartments

  • Pros – Safety, modern facilities, range of room sizes to choose from
  • Cons – High-density living, reduced contact with domestic students

For more advice on finding UQ accommodation, The UQ website’s Accommodation page is a great resource for students looking for a place to call home.

Why Choose UniLodge for UQ Accommodation?

Our UQ apartments offer the convenience of inner-city living and ultra-modern facilities. You can stay within a stone’s throw of the university while still living like a Brisbane local in your very own apartment. Moving away from home can be daunting, but it’s easy to feel at home in UniLodge accommodation. Our apartments offer a combination of security, privacy and plenty of opportunities for students to make new friends.

UQ Apartments

All the following UniLodge apartments are ideally located for UQ students:

Learn more about our UQ accommodation by contacting UniLodge today.

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