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University of Canberra Accommodation

University of Canberra Accommodation

As Australia’s capital city, Canberra has plenty to offer. With a prominent outdoors lifestyle and thriving student community, it’s no wonder the University of Canberra (UC) is a popular school choice. If you’ve made the decision to attend UC, choosing the right accommodation will make your time at uni all the more enjoyable. 

How to Choose the Right University of Canberra Accommodation   

Not sure where to start with UC student housing? Luckily, you won’t be short of options. It’s important to give thought to what type of accommodation suits your personality best. For some, a homestay with a warm, welcoming family is just what they need. Others may crave more freedom and time with like-minded students. 
When making your decision, be sure to consider all aspects. 

Factors to Consider 

•    Location – Living close to campus is super convenient and ensures your daily commute isn’t too difficult. 
•    Social life – University is a chance to meet new people, and you’ll have more chances to socialise living in uni-centric accommodation. 
•    Budget – Focusing on your studies doesn’t leave much time to work. Make sure you have a solid idea of how much you’re able to spend on rent. 

There are pros and cons that come with every type of accommodation:

Pros and Cons of Share Housing 

•    Pros – Cheap rent, housemates turn into friends, freedom to host parties 
•    Cons – Messy housemates, less privacy  

Pros and Cons of On-Campus Accommodation 

•    Pros – Social and educational opportunities, close to classes
•    Cons – Less freedom day-to-day, isolation from society outside university 

Pros and Cons of Homestay 

•    Pros – Home away from home, cultural immersion, improve language skills 
•    Cons – More dependence, potential rules to follow, isolation from other students

Pros and Cons of Student Apartments 

•    Pros – Secure grounds, facilities built for students, opportunities to meet new people
•    Cons – Fewer chances to meet local students, potential language barriers

With so many options, it can be difficult knowing where to begin. Take a look at the University of Canberra’s accommodation page, for useful information to help you get started. If you’d like to know more about student apartments, learn about UniLodge’s Canberra uni accommodation below. 

Why Choose UniLodge for University of Canberra Accommodation? 

UniLodge has three student apartments located right near the University of Canberra. Offering students convenience, security and excellent facilities, students have everything they need within close reach. 
Our UC accommodation is purpose-built with custom-designed accommodation options to suit every student’s preferences and circumstances. Making friends and having downtime is easy with each property’s fantastic common areas. Living at UniLodge means you make the most of what uni life has to offer. 

UniLodge Accommodation Near University of Canberra   

You’ll find a variety of rooms available at UniLodge’s UC accommodation:

UniLodge @ UC – Cooper Lodge

•    Studio Apartment
•    1-Bedroom Apartment
•    5-Bedroom Apartment

UniLodge @ UC – UC Lodge 

•    Studio Apartment
•    5-Bedroom Apartment

UniLodge @ UC – Weedon Lodge 

•    Studio Apartment
•    Shared Studio Apartment
•    2-Bedroom Apartment
•    3-Bedroom Apartment
•    4-Bedroom Apartment
•    7-Bedroom Apartment

UniLodge @ UC - Guginya

  • Studio Apartments
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments
  • 5 bedroom Apartments

UniLodge@ UC - Campus West

  • Studio to 26 bedroom multishare apartments

Enquire about our UC accommodation today by contacting UniLodge. 

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