Residential Life Program

Heading off to Uni can be incredibly exciting, but leaving behind the safe and familiar to embark on a new challenge – often in a new city, filled with new faces and experiences – can also be quite daunting.

We’ve got a fix for that. We call it our Residential Life Program and, as the name suggests, it’s all about building a sense of community through social events, group activities and adventure.

You’ll learn new skills, improve your wellbeing and make lifelong friendships. You’ll be there for others, and your fellow residents and staff will be there for you.

Residents get far more than a room at UniLodge. They get each other.

Resident's Say

It has been a wonderful stay in UniLodge on Waymouth. It is a really quiet & conclusive place to study, perfect in every way for students! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. A cozy, yet comfortable studio with everything you need within reach. With the opening of the New RAH and the medical school, it makes UniLodge on Waymouth the ideal location, not only for students of University of Adelaide but also staff of the new hospital.