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Residential Life

Residential Life

Residential Life is UniLodge’s structured program of engagement and support, which provides a broad range of opportunities to help residents grow and succeed during their time at University and with UniLodge.  Residential Life can be categorised into five key domains with different objectives. 

  1. Academic Objectives - To support the student’s University experience and their goal of achieving academic and personal success; including degree attainment, improved career prospects and future employability.

  2. Social Objectives - To provide residents with lifelong friendships and connections through social interactions and local experience, whilst enabling community belonging.

  3. Community Objectives - To promote a sense of community connection and responsibility and engage residents in a range of socially responsible and sustainable practices.

  4. Cultural Objectives - To assist in the development of cultural competency - the understanding and appreciation of human differences - and to encourage social responsibility.  

  5. Health and Welbeing - To encourage positive mental and physical personal health and assist with leisure pursuits amongst the broader community.