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Family Dinner

Family Dinner is something that we pride ourselves on at UniLodge South Bank as it is one of the events we hold that really helps us to build a community within the building and help residents meet each other and enjoy a meal from cultures around the world. This is what our resident Sasanka had to say about her experience with Family Dinner.

“One of my absolute favourite things that UniLodge South bank does is that they have a “Family Dinner” event that they hold every month. Each month they post the family dinner on the UniLodge APP and cook food for all the people who sign up! Each month is something different which I really like as it gives me the chance to experience food from different cultures that I wouldn’t know how to cook myself.

I also really like coming down and socialising with my friends and people I haven’t met yet while sharing a meal. It is something that has really helped me open up since I first moved in and is something that makes me feel like a part of the something. This month, Monica and Brock made us MA LA XIANG GUO and it was GREAT! It was something completely different to what I usually eat and was absolutely delicious! 

Last month my friend Peter got involved in the preparation of the meal which was really cool and I definitely want to put my hand up to make something in the future and share my culture’s traditional food with everyone.”

So if you are looking to not just move into an apartment, but become a part of a community, then check out UniLodge South Bank and ask us how you can get involved!