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Post Graduate Degrees Down Under

Master’s and PhD programs have a reputation for excellence around the world. If you already hold an undergraduate degree but still want to study abroad, why not further your education at an Australian university? Local universities offer courses in diverse study areas, so you can tailor your education to suit your career ambitions. 

Australia may be a long way to travel from North America for a postgraduate degree, but there are plenty of good reasons to make the journey.  Australia was recently ranked second best place in the world to study abroad.

Top-Rated Universities  
There’s more to Australia than kangaroos and beautiful beaches – some of the best universities in the world can be found downunder. Several Australian universities made the top 100 in the most recent QS World University Rankings, including the Australian National University, the University of Sydney, and the University of Melbourne. 

No matter where you decide to study your diploma, PhD or master’s degree in Australia, every university in the country is highly regulated and held to national standards. This means you can be sure of getting a quality education downunder. Here is a latest list of top places to study in the world. 

Scholarship Opportunities 
If you’re looking for postgraduate scholarships, many fields of study offered by Australia universities are sponsored (particularly in priority areas for development). PhD programs in Australia have helped develop the country’s research and academic sectors, creating a wealth of opportunities for postgraduate students. Australia carries out pioneering research in health science, renewable energy, antibiotic therapy and other industries, with PhD students contributing to much of this valuable work. 

There are also master’s scholarships in Australia for international students who can offer the right academic abilities in specific areas of study. Your eligibility to earn a scholarship will depend on the type of degree you want to study and the amount of time you’re planning to spend in Australia. If you’re not sure whether you qualify, information for international students seeking scholarships can be found on 

Learn more about financial income support for students in Australia. 

Career Opportunities  
Australia is a great place to kickstart your career while establishing a network of professional contacts. Even if you plan to return home upon completing your studies, earning a postgraduate degree at an Australian university can help set you up for future success. 
In addition to international contacts, you’ll graduate with plenty of life experience and a more diverse perspective than that of your peers. Even though moving to another country has its challenge, studying abroad helps connect you with the rest of the world in a way that's much harder to attain from your home country. 

Reduced Costs 
Although studying abroad can involve significant costs, earning your postgraduate degree in Australia can still be a financially savvy decision for some students. Compared to North American college fees, some qualifications are cheaper downunder (depending on your chosen degree and personal circumstances).

There are many variables to consider when weighing up the cost of studying abroad, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular option in the U.S. Bloomberg News reports the number of U.S. students studying abroad is 72% higher in recent years than it was in the early 2000s, with rising tuition fees cited as a major factor for the increase. 

In addition to these benefits, travel opportunities are another great reason to enrol in postgraduate study in Australia. There’ll be lots of time to explore your adopted country during study breaks, giving you a chance to discover the best of Australia while earning a globally recognised degree.

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