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G'Day Mate! A guide to Aussie Slang

Guide to Aussie Slang

Are you new to Australia? Struggling to get to grips with the lingo? Don’t fear - you can become a true Aussie native with our ultimate guide to slang.

Before we begin, it’s key to remember that us Aussies are chilled by nature, and this definitely reflects in our informal (and often abbreviated) interpretation of the English language.

Here are 5 key sayings you should know.

1. “How ya goin’?”

“How ya goin’?” is the ultimate Aussie greeting. If you’re not from Australia, this mash-up of “How are you?” and “Where are you going?” might leave you a little perplexed. If it helps, think of how the Brits say “y’alright?” - it requires no detailed response. In fact, a simple “hey!” will suffice.

2. “Arvo”

“Arvo” directly translates to “afternoon”. You may hear people say “This arvo I’m going to surf,” or ask you “What are your plans this arvo?”

3. “Thongs”

For Aussies, thongs are flip flops, and are not to be mistaken with g-strings.

4. “Barbie”

“Barbie” means “barbecue” - the great Australian pastime. Chuck some shrimps (aka prawns) on the barbie and you’ll be a fully-fledged Aussie.

5. “Cheers!”

Aussies use “cheers!” in a number of instances: to say thank you, in celebration, when drinking, and to say hello and goodbye. Get ready to hear “cheers mate!” a lot.

No matter how strange sounding these Aussie slang terms are at first, you will inevitably adopt them in no time. Welcome to Straya!

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