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Hear from UniLodge Insider from Melbourne - Get to know us series

CS Swanston gym

Vickram, Property Manager – Operations at College Square on Lygon in Melbourne


Favourite Room/Facility in the Property:  

My pick is the One Bedroom Apartment because I love having my personal space. I love the gym as well as study spaces at College Square on Lygon. The property is huge so it was hard to pick just one favourite!

What’s the name of your favourite local food/shop?

Criniti’s in Carlton - Italian Food For Everyone! It's just a short 9 min walk from College Square on Lygon.

What does Residential Life mean to you?

It means we take part in providing the best experience for university students and assisting them to live a balanced life (social, academic and wellbeing) via providing our residents with support and hosting events on a regular basis.

What has been your favourite Residential Life Event?

All the Welcome Parties – these are the best events to socialise with all residents (current and new). I get to know them and experience the beauty of our diverse culture.

If you could give new residents one tip before they arrive. What would it be?

Leave all your stress behind and get ready to experience a new student life! 

What’s the last compliment your team received?

"Under this global pandemic, the team has been maintaining a great level of positivity." As a team leader, hearing this sort of compliment makes me proud.

What do you love most about being a property manager?

I love that I am given the opportunity to lead my team and being part of the frontline of UniLodge; motivating and supporting the team as a people person. I very much enjoy interacting with people.

Why should the person reading this pick your property as their new home?

We don’t just provide accommodation – we take the extra mile to ensure each tenant's stay is as memorable as possible. College Square on Lygon accommodates and welcome both students and non-student residents. Meaning once you have become a resident here, you can continue to stay here after graduation - that way you only need to pack your bag once, how convenient!