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University of Sydney Accommodation

University of Sydney Accommodation

The chance to attend the University of Sydney is one that comes with many exciting opportunities. University isn’t just about studying and keeping up your class attendance (though that is important!). Experiencing a new city and socialising with new friends is a prominent part of a true uni student life.

To make your time at the University of Sydney the best it can be, we’ll help you find student accommodation that ticks all the boxes.

How to Choose the Right University of Sydney Accommodation   

There are several options to choose from when looking for accommodation near University of Sydney, with homestays, share houses, campus accommodation and student apartments available.

Factors to Consider

  • Location – Sydney is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do. Living off-campus will make it easier to immerse yourself in your new surroundings.
  • Social life – Finding a place where you can balance privacy and socialising is key. 
  • Budget – Sydney is known for its pricey rent, so it’s important to consider the amount of money you’re able to spend on accommodation.

These are some of the pros and cons that come with different types of accommodation:

Pros and Cons of Share Housing

  • Pros – Shared bills, freedom, live-in friends
  • Cons –  Less control over facilities, noisy social gatherings

Pros and Cons of On-Campus Accommodation

  • Pros – Social and educational opportunities, close to classes, rent includes room and board
  • Cons – Strict rules, privacy is limited, fewer chances to explore Sydney

Pros and Cons of Homestay

  • Pros – Supportive family environment, local advice about Sydney, improvement of language skills
  • Cons – Limited social opportunities, distance from university, less independence

Pros and Cons of Student Apartments

  • Pros – Security, quality facilities, strong social opportunities
  • Cons – Fewer local students, potential language barriers

When there are so many housing options on offer, it can be tricky choosing where you want to live. Check out University of Sydney’s accommodation page for more advice on local accommodation. If you’ve decided student apartments are the way to go, read on to learn about UniLodge’s Sydney uni accommodation. 

Why Choose UniLodge for University of Sydney Accommodation?

Not only is UniLodge’s student accommodation near the University of Sydney convenient; it also offers up the very best parts of student living. There are two student apartments located in close proximity to the university. UniLodge on Broadway is within close walking distance while UniLodge @ UNSW is easily accessible by public transport.

The student apartments have the highest standard of security, so students feel safe at all times. The facilities are fantastic and allow for plenty of opportunities to get to know fellow students living in the building. By choosing to live in a dynamic part of Sydney that’s still close to campus, you’ll be able to experience the city you’re living in while keeping your class attendance up.

UniLodge Accommodation near University of Sydney

UniLodge offers a wide variety of rooms to suit the needs of all students. At our Sydney uni accommodation we have available:

UniLodge on Broadway

  • Balcony Bunk Apartment
  • Loft Apartment Large
  • Studio Large Apartment
  • Twin Large Apartment
  • Studio Small Apartment
  • Studio Medium Apartment
  • Loft Extra Large Apartment
  • Loft Medium Apartment
  • Twin Medium Apartment
  • Studio Extra Large Apartment
  • Balcony Small Apartment
  • Loft Small Apartment

University of Sydney Abercrombie

University of Sydney The Regiment

University of Sydney - Queen Mary Building

Find out more about our student accommodation by contacting UniLodge today.

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