UniLodge @ RMIT Bundoora - Walert House Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about living at UniLodge @ RMIT Bundoora - Walert House? Find out everything you need to know about our student accommodation by checking out our most frequently asked questions. Whether you’re unsure about moving logistics, living costs, leases, or another aspect about of living in UniLodge student apartments, these questions include all the essential information you’ll need before moving in. If you have a question that you don't see answered, feel free to contact us directly.

Can I apply for a short stay?

Yes. We offer short stay in our Studio Standard Apartments. Minimum length of stay is 1 week. Please read the Short Stay Information Sheet for more details. You can apply for short stay directly here.

Where can I find resources to manage my health and wellbeing?

UniLodge has listed a number of resources on our Student Health and Wellbeing page.

What happens if i dont get a Visa or an RMIT Academic Offer?

If you were not successful in receiving a visa to study in Australia before the commencement of your lease start date, we ask that you write an email requesting cancellation, which must be submitted to the property at which your booking is held within 24 hours of you receiving notification from the Department of Home Affairs, along with the email from the Department of Home Affairs advising your refusal notice to study in Australia. You will then be formally advised that your lease agreement will then be cancelled without penalty.

For full terms and conditions please view here.

Are there any car park spaces or bicycle bays available?

120 car park bays are available in a dedicated area across from the building for a cost of $262 per year or $157.50 for 6 months. Permits are available for purchase through RMIT’s parking website. Bike spaces are free, and are located in a secure on site bike shed.

For how long can an extra guest stay with me and what is the cost?

A guest can stay for free for a maximum of 3 nights.

Do I need to organise my own Contents Insurance?

Yes, contents insurance is not provided.

How much is the Internet / WIFI? Who is the provider and how much bandwidth do I have?

Internet access and WIFI is provided by RMIT, and unlimited WIFI is included in the residence fees.

What electricity cost am I responsible for?

Unlimited electricity, gas, and water usage are all  included in the residence fees.

What are the costs associated with an early termination of my agreement?

The cost is 2 weeks’ worth of residence fees, as well as continued payment of residence fees payment until a replacement takes over.

Do I need to pay a departure clean fee?

Yes, and the cost is $130 per person.

Is there a cancellation fee once I have secured an apartment?

If you do not receive an RMIT academic offer or do not receive a visa, provided you notify us by the cut-off date specified in your offer letter, there is no cancellation fee. All fees paid will be fully refunded to you. If you cancel for a different reason, or cancel after the cut-off date, a $200 cancellation fee will be taken from your security deposit. The balance remaining will then be refunded to you. 

Is an advanced payment of fees required?

Yes. A refundable security deposit equal to 4 weeks’ worth of rent will be held during your stay, and the first 4 weeks’ worth of rent are both required in advance.

Further Resident Informations

The Resident Handbook is designed to help you to get to know the building and familiarise yourself with your rights and responsibilities as a resident. We hope that this Handbook will prove useful to you in answering any questions you have, and in assisting you with the most common concerns that you may have.