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Residential Life Program

Residential Life

Residential Life is UniLodge’s structured program of engagement and support, which provides a broad range of opportunities to help residents grow and succeed during their time at University. UniLodge's Residential Life has five key domains and is embedded in our vision, mission and values:

  1. Academic Events and Programs are designed to support the student’s University experience and their goal of achieving academic and personal success; including degree attainment, improved career prospects and future employability. Residents can expect things like study skills sessions, resume and interviewing tips, networking events, and life skills workshops such as managing finances.
  2. Social events designed to provide residents with lifelong friendships and connections through social interactions and local experience, whilst enabling community belonging. We have a lot of fun planning events like welcome parties, movie nights, BBQ’s and game nights.
  3. Community centric opportunities to promote a sense of community connection and responsibility and engage residents in a range of socially responsible and sustainable practices. We promote opportunities such as earth hour, volunteering for local organisations, or helping residents tend to the gardens for fresh herbs and vegetables.
  4. Cultural appreciation to assist in the development of cultural competency - the understanding and appreciation of human differences - and to encourage social responsibility. We feel very lucky to be able to see residents share holidays and celebrations from their home communities.
  5. Health and Wellbeing to encourage positive mental and physical personal health and assist with leisure pursuits amongst the broader community. Our residents enjoy social sporting games, managing stress workshops, yoga and boxing sessions, and education programs around diet, sleep, and alcohol and other drugs.

The Residential Life Program at UniLodge aims to foster inclusive communities through a diverse range of events and initiatives to support residents to achieve academic success.

We understand that university is a transformative time in a student’s life, and we build our program around this to inspire development, build lifelong friendships, and support students through any challenges they may encounter.

All of our staff receive training and resources to be able to assist students to access the right support for them, ranging from helping residents adapt to living away from home, accessing financial support, or helping them find a counsellor to talk things through.

UniLodge has strong industry partnerships with universities and other institutions to help students navigate their options, as well as inform them of community based resources.

UniLodge is proud to partner with Red Frogs, to provide training and education to our residents, as well as support at our events.

If you have a stellar idea for an event or program, then we want to hear it. Our Residential Life Program is based on resident feedback and suggestions. You can also get involved by becoming a Residential Advisor (RA). As an RA, you get a real say in what kinds of events we run, as well as specialized training and paid shifts to support you through university.