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What to Consider when Looking into Accommodation

Things to Consider when Choosing Student Accommodation

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: your student years are for having the time of your life. It’s your first taste of independence – a chance to experience fun, freedom and adventure, while you work out what path you want to take.
We understand that. Which is why we offer students much more than a room. We’re here to make life as convenient, fun and rewarding as possible. Here are the top five ways UniLodge helps you live life to the max.

Close to what matters
Where there’s a uni, there’s a UniLodge. You’ll find us in the places students want to be – close to study, the city and public transport links. It’s a lifestyle thing. We know that many students like to work hard and play hard – so we make sure you’re within easy reach of shopping, dining, entertainment and the local social scene.
Home Essentials delivered to your doorstep
Okay, let’s get some perspective here. You’re off to uni, you’ve got the world at your feet and plenty of people to meet. Not to mention a busy study schedule. So how much time do you want to spend shuffling around department stores searching for linen and pans?
If the answer is ‘none at all’, you’re in good company. Many of our students opt for Your Shop – UniLodge’s very own store for everything from kitchenware and hotel grade linen to soft, fluffy towels. And best of all, it’s all delivered to your room at the click of a button. You can check it out here.
Events & Advisory Support
Our Community Spirit Program is a huge hit with students. You could think of it as your ready-made social scene, but in reality it’s much more than that. It’s a character-building program that bonds the UniLodge community through social events, group activities and adventure.
It’s available to every resident and is a great way to develop new skills, improve your wellbeing and make lifelong friends. Life is what you make it – so come on and jump right in.
Privacy, safety & security
We all like to think we can conquer the world. But the truth is, heading off to uni can be a daunting prospect for many students. That’s why UniLodge puts such a strong focus on safety and security.
We like to think of it as independent living with plenty of safety nets. Features such as security card access, reception staff and security guards put students at ease. And while we provide plenty of public areas to socialise, we’ve also designed our accommodation to give you the privacy you need.
Super friendly staff
It comes up time and again in student feedback. From the friendly good mornings, to the many examples of compassion and care, you just love our staff.
And that’s something we’re really proud of. We’re very lucky to have highly competent people who respect cultural and ethnic diversities and are often multilingual. As many of our staff were once students living away from home themselves, they know what it’s like and are more than willing to offer help whenever it’s needed.
There are your top five reasons to love UniLodge. And if you’d like to read a few more, check out the Students Say page in the Residential Life section of our website. Enjoy!

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