Student Accommodation Blog

Want to live your life more environmentally friendly?

At UniLodge Victoria University, we are keen to make a difference to the environment by actively making conscious choices within our property to reduce waste, reuse and assist our residents who also wish to make a difference. 

Here’s some idea of what we do for you to get green:

Recycling bread tag, bottle cap & batteries
Not only we are saving waste from recycling these items. There are charities that take these recycled items and turn them into prosthetic limbs, raise funds for wheelchairs, etc. 

Clothes donation
A collaboration with Australian Red Cross which is very popular among our residents. The 3 big donation boxes usually get filled up within 1 month!

Give away recycle bags
Made by recycled plastics, we encourage residents to use these bags and collect their recyclable waste.

Worm farm
We have a hungry bin in our courtyard, living on our food waste and our wriggly friends will produce nutrient-rich fertilizer for our gardens. 

Looking ahead, we have a zero-waste laundry liquid station installing in the common laundry. Residents only need to bring their bottles and purchase the liquid, saving plastics and time of a trip to the supermarket. How exciting!

We are also shopping from a list of sustainable companies, which we will continue to focus on and source new opportunities.