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Our UniLodge @ Melbourne team has some special Vegemite recipes tips for you!

With Universities online, lockdowns, curfews and with some spare time on our hands, it is the best time to investigate the legendary VEGEMITE!!

Never heard of Vegemite? Well, you are in for a salty Australian treat! Vegemite has been in Australia since 1923 and there are over 22 million jars sold every single year. Its high B vitamin content and salty taste are famous all around the world and you can find it in every grocery store in Australia.

I have a lot of international friends and I am yet to meet someone from another country who actually likes Vegemite, supposedly Tom Hanks does though?! None the less, here are my favourite ways of eating Vegemite and also some weird and whacky ways too.

Give them a shot and let the Reception staff at UniLodge @ Melbourne know how you go!

  1. You can’t go past good old Vegemite and butter on white bread. YUMMY!!! Insider trick: lather the bread in butter and only use a little bit of Vegemite.
  2. There are many ways to dress up a plain Vegemite sandwich. Try adding some sliced cheese or some people even love to spread fresh avocado on the top, sounds strange but it’s an incredibly compatible flavour combination!
  3. The Aussie Breakfast Favorite – spread Vegemite over a fresh crumpet with butter and margarine. The hot crumpet will melt the margarine gloriously, ready for a layer of Vegemite goodness!
  4. Want to try something unusual?! Add vegemite to your pizza or pasta sauce!!!!
  5. The weirdest thing I have ever seen has come from the Kraft Walker Cheese Co Cookbook from the 1940s. They tell you to: “Mix together 1 well-beaten egg, 1 tablespoon of ketchup, ½ tablespoon of lemon juice, ½ tablespoon of Vegemite & dissolve in ½ tablespoon of boiling water. Serve very cold or shake and serve with crushed ice” It’s called a Vegemite Lifesaver…..uhhhhh, it’s a no from me but I will leave that with you to try!!

Head on over to to get some awesome recipes & to learn more about this Australian Gem!