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Top 10 Things To Do During Stage 4 Lockdown!

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  1. Get dressed and ready for the day every day, even if you aren’t going anywhere. Staying in a routine will help you adjust back to “normal” life when the lockdown is lifted. It will also keep you motivated & keep your body clock stable.
  2. Learn a new hobby - there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube for free or jump onto TikTok! It could be anything from drawing, knitting, makeup, hairstyles, self-defence, dancing or even learning a new language - Bonjour!
  3. Write a list of things that make you happy or create a vision board! Grab some magazines and start cutting out photos of destinations, clothing and words that jump out at you and stick them on a board (or a piece of paper/cardboard) and hang this in your room.
  4. Play a game with family or friends – this can be digital! My friends and I have recently got back into playing Words with Friends. You can create a username & play against each other OR you can play against someone completely random, on the other side of the world!
  5. Make a To-Do list every day and complete it. I like to have at least 1 or 2 different tasks every day to make sure my days don’t blend into each other.
  6. Go on Instagram and search “#dogstagram”. You will find a lot of pictures of cute dogs. You’re welcome!
  7. Go online, search a random recipe and make it!! Cook or bake something that you have never made before. This can be easy or hard, but in the end, you would have accomplished something new and you can be proud of yourself for doing so.
  8. Contact your friends and family. Make an effort with your loved ones. Jump onto a free Zoom video call with your friends and family. gives you up to 30 minutes free to connect with anyone in the world!
  9. Start journaling or write a blog. You could even write a poem or a novel!  Want to write a Blog for UniLodge? Email us today!
  10. Lastly, jump onto Spotify, find an awesome new playlist (or create one of your own) and start singing and dancing! You can really boost your own mood quickly by having a little bit of a boogie around your room, after all, no one is watching!