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The Best Cafés for Studying on the Gold Coast

Best Cafés for Studying on the Gold Coast

Studying in a café is a quintessential part of student life, but finding the right café is important. If you’re enrolled at a university on the Gold Coast and you’re sick of hitting the books at home, we’ve put together a list of cafés that make great study spots in this coastal city. Whether you’re looking for quality coffee and tasty snacks or a healthy menu and peaceful surrounds, the best cafés to study on the Gold Coast have something for every student. 

The Best Café to Study for Early Risers
Got a deadline that you need to start working on first thing in the morning? Maybe you just like to get a jump start on the day. Lucky for you, Caffeine Kings open their doors at 6am every day of the week, making it one of the best cafés to study at on the Gold Coast for early birds. 
Caffeine Kings is open until 2:30pm Monday to Wednesday and until late Thursday to Sunday. With all-day breakfast options, you might end up spending the whole day tucked away studying in this trendy spot. Stay until evening to catch a live DJ set at this trendy Miami coffee house.

The Best Gold Coast Café to Study in for Boozy Brunches
Substance Espresso is a great place to set up with your laptop and a cup of coffee to enjoy while you study. Bring your friends for a group study session and enjoy breakfast together while you get your uni work done. If your study session is super productive, who not reward yourself with a round of mimosas? Substance serves up a range of cocktails, beer, cider, and wine that may help get the creative juices flowing. You can even grab yourself an espresso martini if you need an energy boost. 

The Best Café to Study If You Have Dietary Requirements
The menu at Blendlove is made up of seasonal, wholesome ingredients. Most of the food served at this café is plant-based, and gluten-free options are always available. If you’ve got a sensitive stomach, Blendlove could be the right café for you to study in. Grab yourself a gunpowder green tea or a unicorn smoothie and enjoy a slice of dairy-free raw cheezecake to power you through your next study session. 

The Best Café to Study in for Foodies
BSKT (pronounced “biscuit”) is all about good, healthy food on the Gold Coast. Grab a seat outdoors if you want to enjoy the sea-fresh air and warm sunlight as you study with a cup of coffee in your hand. Show up at 6am for opening and grab breakfast or waltz in throughout the day for lunch or afternoon tea. BSKT is open until 3pm on weekdays and until 4pm on weekends. When you’ve met your studying goals, you can treat yourself to a healthy desert of cocowhip – a soft serve made from coconut, created by the BSKT team.

The Best Café to Study in for Surfers
Any Gold Coast student with a love of surfing should already know about the Board Culture Surf Shop, but the Board Culture Café is well worth your time as well. The relaxed, down to earth environment is perfect if you tend to get stressed while studying. The no-fuss style of the space as well as the friendly staff make settling down to finish that assignment easy. And their specialty, house-blended coffee is worth a try, even if you’re not a surfer.

The Best Café to Study in for Commuters
Your favourite coffee place could be close to campus, or close to your accommodation. The Barefoot Barista has cafés in Palm Beach (Barefoot Barista), Burleigh Heads (Borough Barista), and Mermaid Beach (Background Barista). These venues are among the best cafés to study on the Gold Coast no matter where you’re located in the region. Each location offers a unique menu with some variations, but all of them serve quality coffee and have generous-sized tables that will fit your laptop, drink, and a snack too. 

In addition to providing you with an ideal atmosphere for academic productivity, knowing the best cafés to study at on the Gold Coast is also a great way to explore the city and meet locals. No matter which of these cafés you choose for your study session, you’re sure to find great coffee and friendly vibe at every venue.