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Stress Management: The Importance of Balance

Study and Balance

Exam period can be stressful and overwhelming. However, by learning how to strike the right balance between study and downtime, you will have the best chance of success.

Read our top 3 tips on how to balance your study and manage your stress, so that you can ace your exams.

1.    Schedule in your downtime

Downtime is crucial in the lead up to exams. Even the most successful CEOs with high-pressure jobs know that they must take their foot off the gas in order to do a good job. If machines need to be recharged, humans definitely do. When creating your study plan, be sure to allot time for friends, relaxation and hobbies (including that all-important Netflix binge) - and be strict! It is much better to study effectively for 4-5 hours per day, than it is to stare blankly at your computer screen from dusk till dawn. The key to remain motivated while studying is to plan your days, set yourself goals and award yourself breaks.

2. Download apps that can help to relieve stress

There are countless apps designed to combat stress and anxiety. Some focus on health and wellbeing, while others are efficient project management tools. All students can benefit from the below apps during exam period.

  • Sleep Cycle - If you want to do well in your exams, you need to get enough sleep - better yet, regular sleep. Sleep Cycle is an intelligent app that accurately tracks your sleeping patterns. It tells you how many hours of precious shut-eye you’re getting a night, and the quality of your rest. It also wakes you up with a gentle alarm, so that you feel refreshed in the morning.
  • Focus KeeperStudies have found that the amount of time the average person can stay fully concentrated on one task is for around 25 minutes. After which, their attention span begins to waver. Focus Keeper plays on this innate human capacity by asking you to study intensely for 25-minute periods, and then breaking. This technique, known as The Pomodoro Technique, keeps your productivity levels high and your procrastination levels low.
  • Calm - If you feel like exams are getting all too much, you should stop what you’re doing and regroup. The Calm app offers guided meditation so that you can remember to breathe in, breathe out, and be present in the moment.

3. Fuel your body right and get moving

You may be heading into exam season, but that doesn’t mean that your health should take a back seat - especially when it comes to the food you consume.

If you feed your body with substantial, nutritious foods, and you exercise daily, your mind will feel stronger and you will be less stressed. Even a gentle stroll in the fresh air will greatly improve your mental state and studying endeavours, and therefore your exam performance.

Over to you! 

Exam period is daunting, but with the right approach to study (or, more importantly, the right approach to the time around your study) you will have best chance of success. And remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck!

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