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Student Apartment Idea and Decor for Students

Living in a studio apartment is a great way to save money while you study. Compact yet cosy, these self-contained living units combine a bedroom and living area into a single open space. While they may come with affordable rent, studio apartments can be tricky to decorate. But just because you’re living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. 

Here are some small apartment design ideas to make your studio feel like a home away from home.  

Multifunctional Furniture 

UniLodge studio apartments are fully furnished, but you can still use smaller items of furniture to give your place a homely feel. If you’ve run out of cupboard space, consider investing in a footstool or ottoman with concealed storage. In addition to offering extra storage space, these pieces will provide extra seating when you have friends over. 

Studio apartment furniture needs to be compact and practical to minimise clutter. If you want to create the illusion of separate rooms in your apartment, a portable room divider will help break up the space. Once you’re done with uni and it’s time to move out of your studio, you can always repurpose the furniture you bought at your next place. 

Personal Touches 

Temporary student accommodation can feel impersonal when you first move in, which is why it’s important to add your own unique touches. Try these simple studio décor ideas to make your place feel more like home: 

  • Brighten up the space with a colourful rug 
  • Stick artwork on the walls (just be sure to use an adhesive that won’t damage the paint) 
  • Bring your favourite blanket from home 
  • Adorn your bed with comfy cushions
  • Put up fairy lights to create ambient lighting
  • Use pot plants to add greenery. 

These details will make you feel more settled in at your apartment, so you can get used to your new surroundings sooner.

If you are still making the decision on whether to live in a furnished or unfurnished apartment, have a read of our article to help make your decision easier. 

Reminders of Home 

Moving to a new city for university can be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve relocated from a foreign country. If you’re feeling homesick, why not decorate your studio apartment with photos of your family and friends? 

You could create a collage to stick above your bed or frame a few photos to place on your desk. This won’t just make your studio apartment feel cosier and more personal – being surrounded by photos of your loved ones will keep you from losing sight of why you decided to study in the first place. 

These studio apartment decorating ideas will give any small space big personality. For more advice on living in student accommodation, check out our tips on how to feel at home in your accommodation

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