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Property Manager Behind the Scenes

Louisa, Property Manager – Operations at Te Tirohanga o te Tōangaroa in Auckland. 

What is your favourite room or facility in the property? Easy. The Reception desk. Sure, the building has a unique rooftop Sky Deck that offers a stunning view- the perfect place to watch a sunrise, a Theatre Room with a great acoustics (hello… surround sound).

What’s the name of your favourite local food/shop? The Thai/ Malay Food stall in the food court down the road. They make the yummiest Mee Goreng. Excuse me while I make an order…… definitely a hidden gem.

If you could give new residents one tip before they arrive. What would it be? Allow yourself to get comfortable and adapt to your surroundings and people you will be living with. Never be afraid to ask questions. The more you know what to expect, the more at ease you will be moving into a space you are unfamiliar with. 

What’s the last compliment your team received?  “Thank you for your help during my stay. You guys have been great since moving in.”

What do you love most about being a Property Manager? Being able to make this building a safe and conducive space for everyone in the building. 

Why should the person reading this pick your property as their new home? If you have just graduated from a first year hall or if this is your first time being away from home, Te Tirohanga is definitely the place for you. It offers the privacy of your own room and at the same time providing you the opportunity to socialise in the many common spaces- providing you a good balance of personal vs social life.