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Melbourne Brunch Menu Tips!

Hi my name is Hannah, from China, a member of Residential Advisor UniLodge Royal Melbourne!

Melbourne's Brunch culture is very famous, you must have heard about it! If you are an international student from a different cultural background, you definitely need Brunch Menu Tips!

Coffee: You can add oat milk, soy milk, almond milk or light milk.
Smoothie: Usually a fruit or vegetable smoothie that is made from a blender.
Tea: Usually black tea, mint tea, fruit tea and so on.
Latte: In addition to coffee lattes, there will be Matcha Latte, Chai Latte, and Turmeric latte.

French toast: fried in butter, covered in eggs and garnished with honey and fruit.
Pancake: An American pancake, usually decorated with fruit and ice cream.
Granola: It's like oatmeal and fruit, with yogurt on the bottom and some fruit and nuts.

All day menu:
Avocado Smash: Toast with avocado cheese sauce and eggs.
Benedict: Eggs Benedict, English breakfast, hollandaise sauce + English muffin + bacon/pork + two soft-boiled eggs.

Royal Melbourne is surrounded by those popular Brunch cafés. If you are a fan of Brunch like me, you must not miss them!

This is my favourite Japanese cafe, 9 minutes' walk from Royal Melbourne. All the meals have Japanese exquisite small. I love its Yuzu Mochinut. Be sure to get there early! Because it's always sold out!! There is also the weekly special Musubi with different flavors, which is light but delicious!
Location: 279 Victoria St, West Melbourne VIC 3003

Auction Rooms
Auction Rooms is located in North Melbourne, very close to Royal Melbourne. It's only 7 minutes' walk! The storefront is very distinctive blue. When entering the shop, it is transformed from an old warehouse into a cafe. French Toast is also very distinctive.
Location: 103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne, Melbourne

Flovie Florist Cafe
Don't be misled by its flower-filled facade. In addition to beautiful flowers, brunch is also available. I love the rose latte they make! If you like floral arrangements and romantic atmosphere, don't miss it!
Location: 261-263 Queensberry St, Carlton VIC 3053