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How To Make Use Of Your Time During Lockdown In Melbourne

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While we understand the lockdown may be boring for some that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun and try new activities, recipes, exercises and hobbies. Here are some ideas on what you can do during lockdown –

  1. Calling your friends and family and checking in on them! You never know a simple message or quick phone call can brighten someone’s day significantly.
  2. Online shopping! Now as exciting as this sounds, don’t go too crazy with the sales!
  3. Starting an online blog, YouTube channel or TikTok account! This is a great way to make some new friends and have some fun at the same time.
  4. Exercise! While the current restrictions state that you are only permitted 1 hour of outside exercise daily there are many online options. YouTube a fantastic place to find lots of home workouts for you to do. You can even do at home workouts with friends and family over zoom or facetime.
  5. Get crafty! Anything from painting, knitting, sewing, drawing, origami and so many other options!
  6. Meditation! Sometimes we can get stressed out and we feel like we are running in circles. Take some time each day to do some stretches and breathe. A quiet 10 minutes to yourself each day can do wonders.
  7. Trying new recipes! Been wanting to try some new foods? Now is a perfect time to brush up on your cooking skills. There are thousands of recipes online which are easily followed. And even better you won’t have to travel far to buy the ingredients as we have an IGA Supermarket just next to our building and a Woolworths Supermarket at the QV centre just a few minutes’ walk from UniLodge on Lonsdale.
  8. Self-care! Treat yourself to a face mask, a facial, pedicure, hair treatment or anything else your heart desires. It’s important to take some time for yourself and have a “treat yourself” day and pull yourself up out of bed.
  9. Cleaning! Yes, cleaning! Sometimes we don’t realize all the junk we have gathered over time. Lockdown is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and to remove any unwanted items from your apartment. This can also be a good opportunity to sell some of the unwanted items and make a few dollars!
  10. Listening to music! Let loose and have a dance or sing your heart out like no-one is watching. Just have fun and enjoy yourself.