Student Accommodation Blog

Hey everyone, it’s Mr McCluckin

Small Beginnings 

Growing up in a discount bin in a toy store somewhere in Perth, I’ve always had the dream of pursuing a degree in eggonomics. Alas, I was passed on by many over the years, laying dormant in an ever-growing pile, with my egg-cellent dreams doomed to never hatch.

Cluck of the Irish

I got my lucky break last year in 2020, as I finally made my way to Curtin University. This was all due an upstart comedi-hen, my current owner, who bought me for a comedy routine. Coincidently, he also lives at Kurrajong Village!

A Hen-tusiastic start

Thus, I become the newest member of Rotary House, an egg(ight) bedroom flat. I was over the fence, when I found out all the benefits that came with staying at KV, such as access to the gym at Curtin Stadium, access to the common room (featuring a billiard table, table tennis, instruments and a TV with FREE Netflix, Hulu and Disney + streaming services), and of course, events planned by the RAs! I made sure to take advantage of all the events available, such as playing laser tag, horse riding, bowling, swimming, hiking and go-karting to name a few. I had a fabulous time this past year, and even made it onto the 2020 yearbook!

Onto new hen-rizons 

I am looking forward to having an even better 2021, especially with a ton of new residents moving in, some of which I’ve had the chance to meet already! I am also looking forward to giving social sports a try, having joined both the mixed and men’s basketball teams on Mondays and Wednesdays respectively. I maybe a flightless bird, but I sure do have hops!