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Getting to know us series - Timothy, Residential Advisor at UniLodge @ UNSW

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Meet Timothy, an international student from Hong Kong, studying in Sydney staying at UniLodge @ UNSW, he is also one of our Residential Advisors. 

What do you love most about being a Residential Advisor?

My favourite part of being a Residential Advisor is that I get more opportunities to chat with our dearest residents and providing supports whenever they needed. I really enjoy chatting with residents and talk about things like how is the uni-life going? Or simply how is everything going? Please feel free to come down and chat with us.

What is the name of your favourite local food/shop and why?

There are quite a few restaurants nearby, such as café, fast food shops and restaurants with different cuisine. My favourite restaurant is the Japanese restaurant just across the street named ‘Sushi Tengoku’. They have provided a variety of Bentons for customers to choose from. The sushi they make is very fresh. I would highly recommend this restaurant to you but be aware that they may not provide Benton throughout the day.

What does Residential Life mean to you?

Personally, I would describe Residential Life as a BIG FAMILY that includes residents, residential advisors and staffs. I reckon it is important for us as Residential Advisors to try our best to create a harmonious community for all resident as they are the ones who are far from their home.

What has been a part of your favourite Residential Life Program so far?

My favourite part of the Residential Life Program is the last party we held before the lockdown called ‘Mexican Welcome Party’. Everyone engaged in it, and I have a few lovely chats with residents. We even become friends since that party. We start hosting events again, so feel free to sign up for the events via the Unilodge apps. 

If you could give new residents one tip before they arrive. What would it be?

Try to be more outgoing and engage in our big community. If you are living in a multi-share room, talk to your roommates and if you are living in a studio, talk to your neighbours.

What is the last compliment you have ever received?

One of the compliments that I have received is from the residents because of an event I held named ‘The Lego Challenge’. All the participants found the event I held is interesting, and they told me they are willing to join another similar event. I feel so encouraged by their feedback.

Favourite Room/Facility in the Property?

For me, I reckon my favourite place in UniLodge @ UNSW is the study room on level 6. It is a quiet and comfortable area for study, especially before the exam period. There are a few study booths in the study room for you to study with your friends. Moreover, there is a balcony outside the study room which is an excellent place to hang out for a short break between study.