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Get to know us series - UniLodge Royal Melbourne

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Please meet Danii, our Residential Life Coordinator at UniLodge Royal Melbourne.

Tena koutou, my name is Danii and I have been the Residential Life Coordinator at UniLodge Royal Melbourne for the past six months. I am originally from Te Awamutu in New Zealand, however, I moved to Melbourne after spending 10 years living in Mandurah, Western Australia. 

What is your favourite room or facility in the property?

My favourite spot in our building is 100% our rooftop! It has it all, views of our stunning city skyline to the left and uninterrupted views all the way to the mountains on the right. The sunsets up there are fantastic! And the fact that we have a giant movie screen as well, makes me excited about the great events we’ll be able to hold up there once we’re back to normal.

What’s the name of your favourite local food/shop?

My favourite food outlet is a little restaurant on Flemington Road, called the Rice Cooker. Ming and his team make the best sushi, seafood laksa and mi goreng in North Melbourne. And their customer service is second to none! Ming always takes time to say hello, and makes you feel like one of the family

What does Residential Life mean to you?

My aim as the residential life coordinator is to make everyone who lives here at UniLodge Royal Melbourne feel like they’re part of a family who genuinely care about their wellbeing. I would like them to know that they are a part of a fun, supportive and inclusive environment. 

What would you say is your favourite Residential Life Event?

My favourite event so far this year has been the Petting Zoo we had come to visit. Ducks, Geese, dogs and sheep, oh my!  As an animal lover and growing up in a small farming community in the central North Island of New Zealand, having the amazing Kathleen & Myuna farm come and take over our courtyard was the best thing for all of us!  The catch phrase of the day was “I’m so happy!”.

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If you could give new residents some quick tips before they arrive. What would they be?

If I could give new residents a tip it would be to make sure that you participate in everything that’s being offered to you.  The residential life program is a great way to meet your neighbours, and potentially make lifelong friends.  It’s also a great place to get resources to take care of yourself, or others, and gives you a break from the stress of study.  We make it for you to enjoy, so get involved!

What do you love most about being a Residential Life Coordinator?

I love being able to meet many people from different countries around the world.  I love having conversations with all the different personalities I encounter on a daily basis and learning from them.    

What’s the last compliment your team received?

The last compliment given to our team was a thank you from a departing resident who said, “Thank you guys for genuinely caring about me.  I never felt alone here, and that’s because I knew I could always come and talk, and you would listen”. 

It doesn’t get much better than that and that’s why we do what we do.  UniLodge Royal Melbourne is a great place to be, and that’s why you should choose us as your accommodation for the next stage of your life journey.  We hope we see you soon!