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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: Mine is the UniLodge Life

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Diviya from UniLodge D2 talked to us about her experience staying at the property.

From the initial butterflies in my stomach of studying thirteen thousand kilometres away from home to finding a diverse and welcoming workplace to finally finding solace during a Pandemic; My stay at UniLodge has made my life wholesome in a new country. Each time I think of my experiences and my stay at UniLodge, a song that rings in my head is ‘A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams’. UniLodge is student accommodation with a difference where everything is just that bit better and more personal. You come as a stranger and certainly leave as a part of the extended UniLodge family. So, what makes them the best of the lot?

The location is where it all starts!

Having great locations that serve everyone is certainly a big feather in the cap for UniLodge being a University enthusiast, staying at UniLodge D2 gave me the comfort of walking to Uni at all hours provided its proximity to most campuses. In contrast, I still had a cosy studio to come back to away from the hustle. This not only saved me lots of time, but it also saved me money on public transport fees. Finally, having a home close to the city let me soak in the real flavour of Melbourne while not having to pay a fortune.

More than just a room - Live, learn and grow together

Loneliness and being uninformed about new surroundings usually dominate the start of student life in a new country. Among the best things about UniLodge D2 are the social opportunities their living arrangements manage to foster and the network of friendships you ended up building. From attending city walks conducted by UniLodge staff when I first arrived to the celebrations of festivals from my country with a diverse set of fellow residents allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. While it is certainly possible to form lasting friendships with peers in lectures and tutorials, it is an entirely different experience to have your friends living in the same building. And I sure do have many!

They care for you with passion

It all started when I first looked at UniLodge D2 online from India. I could make multiple anxious calls to them before arriving, and they made the process of getting my desire apartment very smoothly. Learning new systems in Melbourne was a huge challenge for me as I had never been here before. Every city has its culture and way of life and adapting to which needs a helping hand. UniLodge gave me that supportive environment. From getting someone to help me change light bulbs, to helping me find jobs and mend my CV, they go the extra mile if you have a challenge at hand for them.

It is a lot of fun!

If you are on an austere student budget but still want to have an adventure and get the best out of the city like me, with a group of like-minded peers, UniLodge will come to your rescue. The Community Spirit (Residential Life) program is perhaps the most beautiful part of UniLodge. In the first semester of stay at UniLodge D2, I had already played in the snow at Mt Buller, eaten lots of free meals, been atop Eureka Skydeck, had partied in style and even been to a classy ball all thanks to the events at UniLodge. And not to forget all the free breakfast meals, drinks and nibbles that kept me going during SWOT week.

The common areas to congregate

When I started living at UniLodge D2, I did not just land a great place to stay I also joined a community. Using the common spaces for meals, games, and just studying together had made University a less stressful experience.

The Services that take the cake

Student life is meant for things other than worrying about topping up your internet and paying water and gas bills, and well, UniLodge takes care of it all with your monthly rent. As life went online for us all, UniLodge emerged as the guardian angel by providing us with unlimited high-speed internet. What more can one ask for without really asking?

My mental health and safety are ensured

It can be nerve-wracking moving to a new country to study, and UniLodge staff understands that. Being a Residential Advisor now, I know the emphasis laid on security by my mentors in the team. They offer extra protection in the form of building passcodes and swipe card access, CCTV recording, and on-site management teams. This perhaps was highlighted for me that I was not getting through the pandemic alone. UniLodge was quick to respond with sanitizers, new social distancing measures and information posted everyone to help you be informed. Besides, they reached out, letting everyone know about referrals in case any of us are suffering mentally and need some care. All this was done with compassion and non-judgment!