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Carrot Cake Surprise!

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Carrot cake? You must be thinking of moist carrot cake with the thick cream cheese icing. WRONG! Nothing of that sort. This carrot cake contains no carrots.. flour.. sugar.. and it is definitely not a dessert.

Carrot cake is a very popular savoury dish in Asia, particularly Singapore. This flavourful dish is made out of white radish. The radish cake is a mixture of rice flour and white radish is steamed and cut into small cubes.

The carrot cake is now ready to be fried into two versions. Black Carrot Cake or White Carrot Cake. Fried Black Carrot cake is fried with sweet dark sauce, garlic, preserved radish/turnip and eggs. White Carrot Cake is the original fried with eggs, garlic, preserved radish/turnip, fish sauce and fry till crispy.

Craving to try this dish? Recipe as follows; if you prefer not to make the radish cake, you can buy the premade radish cake in Asian groceries stores and fry it yourself. Alternatively order it from UberEATS Killiney Kopitiam.

Black Carrot Cake:


White Carrot Cake:

You can check out the recipe here