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Caring for your Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

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We are experiencing something unprecedented. One of those once in a lifetime types of moments in history. COVID-19 has had a profound impact on our everyday lives and mix that in with the fact that some of us are isolated, uncertain of what's to come and just all around experiencing a heightened sense of anxiety, it's ok if you are not feeling your very best right now.

But this is also why it is very important to take care of yourself during this time of isolation away from family, friends and normal life.

Here is how some of your fellow tenants are making sure they take care of their wellbeing. 

Staying Connected

In this time when we are forced to be away from a lot of social contact, staying connected to friends and family is incredibly important.  Just because we are in Isolation doesn't mean you have to be isolated.  Maybe try a Zoom call or maybe an Instagram video call or any other video calling platform. It's an important time to get out of your own head and share yourself and listen to others. It does amazing things to your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Another way you can stay connected is to keep your routine. If you usually meet up with friends weekly for drinks and dinner, guess what? You can still do that!  Just set up a group zoom call, have some food ready and drink in hand and some of your favourite music playing in the background.

Find New Hobbies

Some of your fellow tenants have been finding some new hobbies. Some have been painting and drawing. Some have been taking some time for creative writing and others have been self-learning some professional skills. It’s a perfect time to pick up that passion that might have slipped away when life was too busy between studying, work and social life.

Go Out on Walks

You can still go out for walks. The area around the botanical gardens along the Yarra River is such a beautiful walk. I can promise you; you would be in awe and it might just help wipe away a lot of stress or anxiety.  Especially if you go around in time to see the sunset!

But the most important of all these ways to tackle COVID-19 impact is TAKE IT EASY! Be kind to yourself. Make some mindfulness and relaxation time and as tempting as social media and the news can be, take some time away from all of it.