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A 5-minute interview with our Residential Advisor at UniLodge on Villiers

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Hear from Isuru, our Residential Advisor at UniLodge on Villiers what he thinks about living at UniLodge.

What is the best thing about living at UniLodge?

Being an international student, I think the Residential Life program is the best thing at UniLodge. Here you meet new people from all over the world, enjoy the beauty of Melbourne together and make long-lasting memories. At UniLodge, I can meet new friends, explore new places with them and that helps take the stress off my studies. For that reason, I have only stayed at UniLodge since I arrived in Australia 4 years ago.

What did you choose UniLodge on Villiers?

Having lived at the 570 Swanston Street UniLodge, I wanted to look for something which is close to the city but is also quiet and peaceful. UniLodge on Villiers is like a hidden gem near The Royal Melbourne Hospital and also very close to Melbourne Central and other popular places. In addition, On Villiers has room within the NRAS scheme which as an international student was a perfect budget for me, and I get to enjoy a private studio.

Where do you get your groceries?

Well, if you are in the mood for a short tram or walk you can always go to Barkly Square. It has a Woolworths, Coles, Kmart and Chemist Warehouse too. If you want to get fresh and cheap vegetables it is best to walk to Queen Victoria Market which is about 5-8min walk from the building. I always make sure I get a Cheese and Spinach Borek from the market with my coffee. The closest Woolworths is 1.5km away from the building on Canning Street. This is so convenient as it is less crowded compared to the city Woolworths and tend to have more stock than the other stores.

What your best memory about living at UniLodge?

My best memory was the Multicultural Ball. It was a great night to be a part of with great music, food and great cultural performances.