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A 5 minute interview with Han, one of our Residential Advisors

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Hear from Han, one of our Residential Advisors, what she thinks about living at UniLodge.

What is the best thing about living at UniLodge?

I came to Melbourne to pursue my Bachelor Degree in 2018. My first home was UniLodge @ Melbourne and I have never moved since.  I just love the convenience of living right opposite the University of Melbourne. I am only a few minutes away from the CBD, Woolworths supermarket and retail stores. Additionally, UniLodge is a place of surprises and serendipity. I have met people from different states and countries. We have celebrated birthdays together, played pool and table tennis. We went to restaurants, cafes and cinemas. CSP is amazing, we get to meet new people, make friends, experience new things & go to places we never would without CSP. We even visited the snow and went to Falls Creek which has been the highlight of my stay here. I am sure there will be more adventures to come in the future!

What is your favourite restaurant or take away in the area?

Lygon Street in Carlton has the best Italian restaurants. Thanks to CSP events, I have visited several at discounted prices, which is great whilst being on a student budget. The most memorable place was DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar. The pizzas are generously portioned and freshly baked. I also love the sweet potato chips from New York Minute. At Brunetti’s, you can find the finest cakes and desserts. Away from Lygon street, you will find yummy dumplings, noodle soups and curries… I will let you do the exploration!

What Australian Culture do you love the most?

Australian culture is difficult to define because it is so multicultural. However, I would say that generally speaking, ‘Aussies' love to have a good laugh and are quite down to Earth. They are friendly people who know how to enjoy life. Melbourne offers great dining and brunch culture. Adelaide has some of the best sunsets, wines and landscapes. Hobart has amazing seafood, mountains and views. Gold Coast has cool theme parks. Sydney has great entertainment and attractions.

What is your one piece of advice for new residents?

Bring a warm coat!!!