UniLodge Park Central Summer's A Breeze Offer
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Summer's A Breeze - First 2 Weeks Pay $14.50* Per Week

There's something for everyone in our sizzling summer sale

Enjoy your own room in a 6 Bedroom Apartment for just $14.50* a week for the first two weeks and save $469*. Or grab a Studio Double for just $44.50* a week for the first two weeks and save $549*. Don't miss out and apply now! 

Full Terms and Conditions

  1. You need to be classified as an eligible resident.
  2. Prices correct as at 8 February 2019.
  3. Savings are calculated using Full Year (12-Month) Lease as example, calculations are worked out in the following: a). Studio Double High Floor (12-Month Lease): Original rate $319, Discounted rate $44.50 per week for the first 2 weeks, Savings = ($319 -$44.50) x 2= $549. b). 6 Bedroom High Floor (12-Month Lease): Original rate $249, Discounted rate $14.50 in total for the first 2 weeks, Savings = ($249 - $14.50) x 2 = $469
  4. Both offers are available for Semester Only, Half Year, Academic Year or Full Year (12-Month) lease for both high floor and low floor rooms: a). discounted weekly rent of $44.50 for the first 2 weeks in Studio Double or; b). discounted weekly rent of $14.50 for the first 2 weeks in 6 Bedroom Apartment.
  5. Offer period starts 11 February 2019 and ends 28 February 2019. Bookings need to be made within this period in order to claim the offer. Move in date must be within 2019 calendar year. 
  6. The discounted rate does not apply to the rest of the lease. i.e. From third week onwards, resident is obligated to pay the standard weekly rent, unless there are other incentives that you may be eligible.
  7. Offer is valid for new bookings of Studio Double and 6 Bedroom Apartments only, that are over a semester lease term period. 
  8. When room types are exhausted, the offer will be extracted and no longer be available. 
  9. This offer is not valid with bookings that have already been deposited.
  10. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with another other offer provided by UniLodge Park Central and UniLodge Australia. This offer is only valid at UniLodge Park Central and is not available at any other UniLodge in Australia
  11. The offer will be available and applied to the resident’s accommodation account within four (4) weeks of check-in date.
  12. The rewards are not transferrable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash.