对在UniLodge JCU Halls of Residence Rotary International House中居住有疑问吗?通过查看我们的常见问题,找出您需要了解的有关所有信息。无论您是不确定搬迁后勤,生活成本,租赁,还是要在UniLodge学生公寓中生活的其他方面,请查看我们的博客或随时直接与我们联系。

How do I reserve a room?

Complete the Application Form and pay an application fee of $55. We will contact you within 72 hours by email to offer you an available room.

Once you have received an offer of accommodation with UniLodge you will be required to pay an administration fee of $350, 4 weeks’ rent in advance and an annual fee of: $30 for Residential Life Program, $30 Facilities Fund and $30 Damages Fund in order to secure your accommodation. 

What kind of contracts does the property offer?

Academic Year (41 weeks), Semester 1 and Semester 2. For Study Abroad and Exchange Students there is a fee of $354 per week for each semester contract, though early arrivals or contract extensions are available.

Do you have car park facilities?

Limited parking is available.Permits are compulsory and available from UniLodge reception. 

What do I need to bring on arrival?

Your apartment is furnished with a bed, study desk and chair, wardrobe, TV, fridge, and microwave oven. You will need to supply all of your own linen & kitchen equipment – available online via our convenient UniLodge online shop, Your Shop.

If I wanted to move rooms after I moved in, is that possible?

Yes, you can but you will be required to pay an apartment move fee prior to doing so.

Can I move out at any time?

When you move into your apartment, you sign a Residential Agreement. This is a legally binding document that means you have committed to paying rent from the start date on your contract until the end date of your contract. However, if you have no choice but to move out, you can break your lease. This means that you need to pay an early termination fee and the rent until someone else takes over your contract.

What happens when I vacate?

You need to leave your apartment clean and tidy and ensure all personal items have been removed, report any damage that may have been caused during your tenancy. You will also need to make sure that all of your rent and fees are paid up until the end of your contract end date.

What is a condition report?

We must prepare a ‘Condition Report’, which records the property’s general condition, including fittings and fixtures, and present you with 2 paper copies of this Report when you come to collect your keys. Review and, if necessary, add your comments to the ‘Condition Report’. You must return the report to UniLodge within three business days of moving in and you should keep a copy of the ‘Condition Report’ until the end of the tenancy. The ‘Condition Report’ is a very important document, as it can be used as evidence if there is a dispute about who should pay for cleaning, damage, or replacement of missing items, particularly at the end of a tenancy. You may want to take photos of your apartment at the start of your tenancy to further show the condition. You may be liable for cleaning, damage, or replacement of missing items at the end of your tenancy if it is not recorded on the condition report.

What fees do I need to pay?

  • Four weeks rent in advance
  • Administration Fee $350
  • Annual fee including: $30 for Residential Life Program, $30 Facilities Fund and $30 Damages Fund




The Resident Handbook (居民手册)旨在帮助您了解公寓設施,并熟悉你作为居民的权利和责任。 我们希望該手册能够解决答您的最常见问题。