What do I need to do to reserve a room at this property?

Contact ANU Accommodation Services (UAS) online or on 02 6125 1191

How much money do I have to pay upfront before I move in?

You will need to pay the room security deposit which varies between room types. The security deposit varies depending on room type: studio $950, studio double or 1 bedroom $1400 and multishare apartment $800. There is also an additional administration fee of $300 as well as a residents committee fee of $100.

What does my rent include?

Your total rent includes:

Occupancy fee of your room type


The Resident Handbook (居民手册)旨在帮助您了解公寓設施,并熟悉你作为居民的权利和责任。 我们希望該手册能够解决答您的最常见问题。