Is Internet included?

Internet will be provided free - via the University of Auckland. 

Is there car parking available?

There is no car parking available at this property. 

Are bathroom facilities shared?

Yes there are multi single occupant bathrooms located throughout the floor. Each locable bathroom include a shower, a toilet and a handbasin.

Are there barbeque facilities?

Yes - BBQ facilities are located on the 10th floor, in the Sky Lounge area - in the common outdoor area of the property. Residents can enjoy a BBQ with friends, family or prepare a dinner for one with amazing views of the harbour.

Is there building security access?

For your security, we provide special coded keys to access the building, your bedroom, the common room and other areas such as laundry.

Is there laundry facilities?

There is a laundry on site, with user pays washing machines, dryers and sinks for hand washing. Ironing facilities are also available.

Is there on-site staff?

Our on-site friendly customer service focused staff will be available offering general assistance, and pastoral care services – you will always have someone there for you.

Is there a library close by?

University General Library provides a vast collection of study materials, computers, study spaces, wireless technology and printing facilities, and is located a mere 5 minute walk from the property.

Is there a TV in my room?

An HD TV is located in the theatre rooms located in the main common area to enjoy with friends and residents.

Is my room set up to allow me to study?

Yes - All rooms are fitted with a desk and a chair to allow you your private time to study. 

What does Te Tirohanga ō Te Toangaroa mean?

The name Te Tirohanga ō te Tōangaroa was gifted to the Universityof Auckland by Ngāti Whātua and translates to "The view of Tōangaroa" now known as Mechanics Bay, owing to its beautiful views of the surrounding harbour.

When can I move into the property?

We will be welcoming guests from the 10 February 2020.

What room types are available?

This property provides single room types only. 

Is there air-conditioning?

Air-conditioning is only available in the common rooms. 


The Resident Handbook (居民手册)旨在帮助您了解公寓設施,并熟悉你作为居民的权利和责任。 我们希望該手册能够解决答您的最常见问题。