How do I book a room with University Apartments?

To reserve your apartment with University Apartments you need to:

  • Complete the application through the University of Melbourne online portal.
  • Apply to study or currently be studying a full-time equivalent degree with the University of Melbourne; and
  • Accept your accommodation offer within 48 hours of receiving it.

Do I need to organise my own Contents Insurance?

Yes, contents insurance is not provided by University Apartments so tenants are encouraged to get their own policy.

What are the costs associated with an early termination of my lease?

The early termination admin fee is 2 weeks rent but this requires minimum 28 days’ notice of intention to vacate, and important to note that rental obligation continues, until the tenant finds an acceptable replacement to take over the lease - therefore it is not a simple matter of paying 2 weeks rent and leaving.

Are there any car park spaces or bicycle storage available?

There are no car park spaces provided at University Apartments. The University provides car park spaces at a fee and during specific hours. For more information visit this page.

Bicycle storage is provided at University Apartments on every level.

What is included in my rent?

Electricity, water and Wi-Fi internet are included in the rent.

Is there a cost for an extra guest to stay over?

Guests are allowed to stay over at University Apartments for a maximum of 3 consecutive nights at a time without charge on existing bedding. This requires management approval in advance.

What about airport transfers for international students?

Are you an international student and would like a FREE transfer from the Melbourne International Airport to University Apartments?

Good news is that when you first arrive in Melbourne as an international student of University of Melbourne you can arrange for a transfer from the airport to take you to your accommodation. To find out more please visit this page


The Resident Handbook (居民手册)旨在帮助您了解公寓設施,并熟悉你作为居民的权利和责任。 我们希望該手册能够解决答您的最常见问题。