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College Square on Lygon总是有特别优惠。在此处查看我们的可用报价或与我们的接待团队联系。 无论您是国际学生还是本地学生,UniLodge的优惠都旨在帮助所有学生省钱并充分利用大学的时间。


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Need an Australian bank account? 优惠可用于 85 间公寓

Need an Australian bank account?

Say hello to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia 

There’s a lot to look forward to when you move to Australia to study. Not only can you enjoy world class educational facilities, but every day can be an adventure. Whether you’re surfing at a sunny beach, tasting fresh seafood or discovering Australian wildlife there’s always something to look forward to. We want to make your move to the sunny side even smoother by introducing you to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. They’re known to Aussies as CommBank.