What do I need to do to reserve a room in this property?

Contact ANU Accommodation Services (UAS) online or on 02 6125 1191

What rental contracts are available?

Wamburun Hall offers 1 standard contract for 43 weeks ending 4th of December. 

What is my mailing address?

Wamburun Hall Residents will need to direct your mail to:

Your name


Australian National University

Building 150 Dickson Road, Acton, 2601

What ways can I pay for my rental charges?

Rental payments are made fortnighly via Direct Debit through a debit/savings account.

Manual payments can also be made online or at Reception

What does my rent include?

All accommodation charges for your room.

Will wireless internet be available?

Yes, wireless internet access will be available throughout the building

Do you have parking?

No, there is no parking at Wamburun Hall. Parking options are available through ANU Parking on 02 6125 0179.

How much money do I have to pay upfront before I move in?

You will need to pay the room security deposit ($1000.00), ANU Registration Fee ($300.00), Community Spirit Fee ($165.00), Fridge/Freezer Pack ($10.00) and 2 weeks accommodation Fees ($576.20).


The Resident Handbook (居民手册)旨在帮助您了解公寓設施,并熟悉你作为居民的权利和责任。 我们希望該手册能够解决答您的最常见问题。